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Dermaplaning in New York City

There are a number of different exfoliation techniques on the ever-growing beauty market, from peels to microdermabrasion—but have you heard of dermaplaning? Dermaplaning is an exfoliation method that’s growing in popularity, and the results are nothing short of amazing, leaving you with brighter and smoother skin! So, where can I find a salon that offers dermaplaning near me? You can use Booksy, of course! Booksy is currently the top application on the market for booking all your favorite beauty, health, and wellness services, right from your mobile device. Haven’t downloaded the app yet? You’ll want to! The Booksy app is available on both iOS and Android and is the perfect solution to scheduling appointments from anywhere and everywhere. What is dermaplaning and how does it work? Dermaplaning has been a buzzword within the beauty industry as of the last few years and its popularity only continues to grow. Essentially, it is an exfoliation procedure that smooths out the skin by getting rid of peach fuzz and dead skin cells. Unlike many other exfoliation treatments, this one doesn’t require any downtime—so you’ll be able to expect smooth and soft skin, without recovery. Visually, the mechanics of dermaplaning can be compared to shaving, except instead of removing just hair, the goal is to also remove the outermost layer of skin. During your dermaplaning treatment, you’ll lie down, and your specialist will gently scrape over your skin with a dermaplaning blade. The entire procedure lasts around half an hour on average, making it extra convenient as a quick exfoliation method. There are many benefits to dermaplaning including that it can be used on nearly any skin type. This treatment is even recommended for those with acne scars, dull skin, dry skin, wrinkles, or sun-damaged skin. Following your dermaplaning treatment, you’ll notice immediate results of brighter-looking skin. However, it’s important to note, that after a dermaplaning procedure, you should take extra precautions against sun exposure, as the freshly dermaplaned skin can be more prone to burning.  How do I choose the best dermaplaning treatment in New York City?  The best dermaplaning treatment in New York City is only a few clicks away with the Booksy mobile app! Our platform is built on a base of reliable and credible reviews from clients like you—which can help you find the best business for dermaplaning! Firstly, begin by filling out your information in our search engine bar. When you’ve done so and your results have been generated below, you can start browsing through local businesses that offer dermaplaning in New York City. Take the time to read reviews on each one to help you determine which business to schedule an appointment to. You can also use our helpful “Sort by” feature to immediately sort your results by the “Top Reviewed” businesses or those that are “Recommended by Booksy”.   How do I find businesses that offer dermaplaning open now? Booksy is always available around the clock—so no matter what time of day it is, you can search for and find businesses that are open! In order to easily find currently open businesses that offer dermaplaning in New York City, there’s a simple trick to try out in our search bar. As you’re filling out the required fields with your data, be sure to set your preferred appointment timeframe as the time and date closest to what it is now. Once you’ve done so, our search engine will know to only display results of currently open businesses that offer dermaplaning. Otherwise, you can conduct a search using any appointment timeframe. If you choose to go this route, each merchant’s hours of operation can be found on their individual Booksy business pages. Dermaplaning near me By using Booksy, you can locate businesses that offer dermaplaning treatments in New York City without ever setting foot outside. To find those businesses nearest you, start a search using the Booksy search engine. If you’ve already done so—great! If you haven’t, just input your criteria into the search fields including: what service you want to book (dermaplaning), where you are located (New York City), and when you’d like your appointment to be (up to you!). From there, view the results and book your top pick! You can also use the “Filters and Localization” button to further narrow down your results by zip code and even neighborhood!