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  • Diamond Beauty Industry

    3.7 mi San Marcos, San Marcos, 92069

    Brown Eyelash Extensions 🤎

    Brown Eyelashes 🤎 very settle color

    Mega Volume

    The darkest and fullest lashes
    2h 30min

    Mega Fill

    Must have atleast 50% of lashes left in order to be considered a fill. If lashes are less than 50% final price will be different.
    1h 15min
  • Kitty Sugaring

    2.3 mi S Escondido Blvd, 1785, Suite b, Escondido, 92025

    Full Leg (includes Feet + Toes)

    Save up to 10%
    $65.00 $58.50

    Half Leg (From Knee Up or Down)

    Save up to 10%
    $40.00 $36.00

    Brazilian sugaring

    Save up to 10%
    $59.00 $53.10
  • Sugaring N' More

    12.6 mi 12366 Poway Road Suite A, Poway, 92064

    Abs (Happy Trail)


    Arm Full


    Arm Half

  • Mobile service

    DrkChocolte Services

    29.5 mi 1281 9th Ave, Suite A, 126, San Diego, 92101

    Shampoo n Condition


    Kids hair

    Mobile service
    1h 30min

    Men hair

    Mobile service
    1h 30min
  • Mobile service

    Blissful Healing Therapy: Massage & Holistic Wellness

    9.2 mi 15731 Bernardo Heights Pkwy, #104, 122, San Diego, 92128

    D. Healing ◾️ Blissful S.

    Therapeutic Deep tissue: This massage similar to 🔸️Swedish🔸️ (gentler, lighter pressure, overall Relax😌); But the slower strokes and deeper concentrated pressure aims to target the inner layers of muscle and connective tissue (fascia) in releasing chronic muscular tension, musculoskeletal issues: strains, sprains and sports injuries. 🔹️DT🔹️ involves use of forearms and elbow for manipulation. DT is greatly beneficial for CHRONIC aches and pains, stiffness, soreness, or muscle rehab. 🔹️Not suitable for active inflammation! Active/Passive movement of the joints or stretches may also be part of the massage as remedial rehabilitation therapy. 🔹️DT focuses on a problem area* You may leave sore or feel sore on an area for a couple of days following therapy as muscles are opening up from tightness as the muscles are adjusting and body responding to treatment. *** No workout or strainous activity after session Allow 24 hr to resume to normal activities.
    On-the-GO or Chair massage (specify)
    + 3 more options


    Enhance your session to add to any Massage/Facial OR book individually (30 min), or up to 2 add-on (60 min) 🔶️ PARAFFIN: Dip in warm liquid wax to relieve tension on hands or feet to provide pain relief to sore joints/muscles, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis * Heat therapy for moisturizing and skin-softening 🔶️ INDIAN head massage Relax in a comfy seated chair with our luxurous spa robe on while your head and scalp are being thoroughly worked on from the neck up using aromatherapy oils. * Enjoying the complete Serene vibe around while you may just fall asleep. 🔶️ REFLEXology Theory behind is that areas of foot correspond to organs and systems of the body. Pressure applied to targeted "Zone" of the foot is relieved to bring Bliss and Healing to the corresponding areas of the body. * Goal to promote response from soft tissue stimulated thru nervous system and *meridians to reduce stress and anxiety and other ailments... 🧊marbles_facial Facial massage with Application of small cold Marbles stones for rejuvenation. Great for headaches and fatigue. 🔥 & 🧊 stones_facial Relaxing facial massage with applications of hot and cold stones, 🔶️ DTX feet soak Detox your tired, dry feet in a warm, bubbly soak and enjoy the pampering ! 🔶️ Exfoliating 👣 scrub Gentle foot exfoliation using our amazing fruity sugar scrubs to remove dead skin, followed by steam towels and a butter moisturizer to lock in moisture. 🔶️ Facial_LYMPH (cupping) Or call it a "face lift" Use of tiny silicone suctioning cups on face and neck to lift and drain, thus promoting blood flow and firming up the skin
    LYMPH_facial (cup)
    + 7 more options


    Welcome to MATERNAL Bliss & bodywork🎈 Nothing like a soothing massage... Ahh...! To rub away the pains, aches, and anxiety of pregnancy! 🟣Pre-Natal🟣 Massage through all phases of pregnancy to restore your mind & body to feel rejuvenated with better flexibility and energy... Great complimentary choice for regular prenatal care, relieving discomfort of hormonal changes (leg cramps, edema, backaches, weight-bearing joints- pelvis 🟣This therapy * Encourages blood + lymph circulation, promotes better sleep by relaxing nervous tension/Anxiety. * A healthy way to reduce stress/promote overall wellness. * Alleviating back + leg pain. Reducing labor pain during childbirth, * Lessening postoperative pain, * Easing insomnia, * Lifting depression-improved mood 🌿 I take great care to ensure you are super comfy, performing SIDELINE with belly supportive soft cushions + maternity pillows between legs 🌿 Dr. release REQUIRED: * 1st trimester (NO exception) OR if ANY complication at any stage, including but not limited to High risk: Prior miscarriage, multiple births, placenta abruption, UTI), vomiting, HBP, Diabetes, RH-, blood clots, chemical dependency, convulsion, pre term labor 🎊 CONGRATULATIONS🎈 ▶️ Don't forget about "Post-Partum" massage after your delivery: Vaginal (4 weeks) Cesarean (8 weeks) Who has the xtra time after a baby? Besides, if there are other siblings involved? We get it. Nothing short of a hectic life as a new mom! That's why we love to pamper you! You deserve it! * Consider this session as a must, as much as you were committed for your PreNatal massage ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ 🟢Post-Partum massage🟢 Greatly improves symptoms of postpartum hormone balance. This is an effective and holistic approach for the many adjustments to motherhood... You may be surprised to receive much more than a SPA retreat. Consider this your RECOVERY time for your emotional as well as physical health. We help RESTORE your body to its Pre-pregnancy, speeding healing, and assisting with C-section recovery... 🟢Benefits include: *hormones regulation (reduces stress hormone cortisol) * Reduced swelling, improved breastfeeding, enhanced energy. * Relief from residual body aches from pregnancy without medication through selected essential oils, abdominal massage, and some stretches to get you back in shape. *Better sleep: Everything improves when you feel rested... ANXIETY & DEPRESSION respond very well to this therapy. About 2/3 new moms experience temporary postpartum blues related to hormonal changes, new responsibilities, and adjustment frustrations. I was one of them and seriously wish I had this treatment! Emotional support and the other benefits of massage can help greatly during this transition. 🟩 If you are suffering from POSTPARTUM DEPRESSION Please seek HELP, now. *** Your child needs you sound and know that you are not alone. Reach out now to your healthcare provider for assistance to many resources available...🟩 Arrange some help and get regular massages, too. It's time to welcome value to your healing journey and transition to motherhood. We are here to support newMOMS with these challenges... CONGRATS again🎈
    + 5 more options
  • JCM Esthetics

    12.9 mi 285 N El Camino Real, Encinitas, 92024



    Customized Facials w/ Massage

    1h 15min

    Hydrating Facial

  • Mobile service

    Beauty Call (PB)

    24.6 mi Del Rey Street, San Diego, CA, 92109



    Microblade & Ombre Brows & Lip Blush



  • Business Wait List
  • Douglas Unisex Salon

    11.1 mi 1605 South Melrose Drive, Vista, 92081

    Men partial Highlights

    Men Straightener

    Grey blending


    14.8 mi 2365 Rancho del oro rd, Oceanside, CA, 92056

    Full Service Men's Haircut with Facial


    Black Head Removal Facial (black mask)

  • Iconic Skin & Lashes

    17.0 mi 2633 State St., Carlsbad, CA, 92008

    Back Facial

    Custom Facial

    Pumpkin Enzyme Facial

  • Lavish Esthetician Care

    17.4 mi 3320 Mission Ave, Oceanside, 92057

    Facial Treatment


    Custom Chemical peel

  • Beach Beauty Studio

    19.1 mi Pier View Way, 302, Upper, Oceanside, 92054

    Eyelash extensions- classic

    Eyelash Extensions- Hybrid

    Eyelash Extensions- Volume

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