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Hair Removal in Tampa

In Tampa, where the beach and gorgeous weather makes bathing suits and bare legs a way of life, having pesky, unwanted body hair is an annoyance. Thankfully, hair removal doesn’t have to mean balancing precariously on one leg in the shower. Types of Hair Removal There are three main types of hair removal that require a visit to a local Tampa salon: Waxing - Tried and true, waxing is when a hair removal expert (and you definitely want an expert) uses wax and special strips to yank your hair out. It’s not painless, but it is effective and part of many women’s monthly beauty regime. Threading - Definitely not to be used for large-scale areas, threading is an ancient hair removal method that works well for eyebrows, facial peach fuzz, and those stray hairs hanging out under your belly button. Laser Hair Removal - The most permanent of popular options involves the use of lasers to discourage hair from ever growing again. It’s pricier, but may be worth it if you’re tired of the frequent upkeep required to keep certain areas hair-free. How Long Does Hair Removal Take? This will of course depend on which method you choose. Waxing can take from 20 minutes to an hour. Threading, however, typically doesn’t go beyond the 10-15 minute time frame, given you’re dealing with a much smaller area. And laser hair removal generally requires multiple visits of anywhere between 10 minutes to a couple hours. How Long Does Hair Removal Last For both waxing and threading, the general rule is about 6 weeks, although this will vary based on the-- errr-- unique tenacity of your hair. Laser hair removal isn’t totally permanent, but it does significantly reduce the quantity of hair as well as the thickness of hair in a given area. Once you’ve completed your initial treatments, you may find yourself going back for a touch-up (if even necessary) only once a year. How Much Does Hair Removal Cost in Tampa? The cost of any hair removal service near you will depend on the area being rid of hair. However, in general waxing averages $20-$30 in Tampa. Threading starts lower, at about $8-$10 and laser hair removal in Tampa ranges between $70 and $90 per session. Where to Get Hair Removal Treatments in Tampa? Whatever method you choose, you’re going to want to book easily and with the best salon in the neighborhood. That’s where we come in-- scroll up to the listings above or download the Booksy app to start booking your hair’s goodbye party today! Articles Pubic Hair Styles Summer Hair Removal Tips The Best Ways To Remove Pubic Hair