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Visiting a hair salon lets you take time for yourself and covers your beauty needs. Luxurious salons in Boynton Beach will pamper you while fashioning your hairstyle to look like your favorite celebrity in a city known for having some of the best beaches in South Florida like Oceanfront Park. The city has a tropical climate, which means that you will want to minimize a haircare regimen that uses too much heat. Book Hair Salon Appointment Online in Boynton Beach If you're looking for hair salons nearby, try to schedule an appointment with Booksy. The convenience of booking online has made it the most popular beauty marketplace for finding, scheduling and managing your appointments. Booksy has made booking with the best hair salon in Boynton Beach simple, and you can choose from local talent while supporting your community. Not Sure What Does a Hairdresser Do? The best hairdresser in Boynton Beach will maintain your image by cutting your hair or giving it a specific style. Hairdressers use a variety of techniques like hair cutting, hair coloring and hair texturing. How to Choose Best Hairdresser in Boynton Beach? Booksy is a platform where each hair salon receives customer reviews, and you can look up information like distance, address, pricing and their available services. We'd advise that you use all the information found on Booksy to decide on your next appointment with the salon. Check out their portfolio to search for similar hairstyles that you would like. How Much Does a Visit to the Hairdresser Cost? How much you pay for hairdressers in Boynton Beach will depend on the services requested. Let's take a look at the average costs: Haircut/trim $30+ Full Hair Coloring $30+ Coloring tips $20+ Coloring half of the length $25+ Two Colors $35 Men's Haircuts $25+ Hair Extensions $200+ Locs Styled Only $30+ Retwist & Style $80+ Loc Maintenance $60+ Bayalage $150+ Highlights/babylights $150+ Braids Full Head $60+ Men's Braids $30+ How to Find Hair Salon Open Now? Check out the business pages on Booksy for the hair salon that you want to book. You will find it on the right side of the page under the phone number where you can call to book an appointment. In Boynton Beach, most hair salons close on Sundays, and they start to open at around 9:30 am to 11 am, depending on the salon. Most will close after 7 pm or earlier. Cheap Hair Salon in Boynton Beach Booksy offers an awesome feature where you can sort out the hair salons based on pricing. To do this, you can filter it to show you only the salons with a certain price point. The filter can also be used to look for a hair salon near you in Boynton Beach FL that offers a specific service. For example, you might filter out the hair salons that don't offer bayalage, perms, twists or braids. This saves time from having to scroll through services that don't have what you need. Hair Salons Near Me/You You probably don't want to go too far to have your hair styled, and luckily, you can find local hair salons and filter for them. To do this, click on "Filters and Localization." Once you open this, you will see two options. You can either filter for treatments, or you can filter based on the location. Click on the desired location for how far you're willing to go to have your hair styled. In addition, when you click on some locations, they may be big enough that they give you multiple zip codes. Click on the zip code nearest to you to see results for hair salons in that location. Once you have that, click on the hair salon that you would like to book and click on the "Book now" button on their business page. This will pull up a screen where you can book a specific haircare treatment. You can then schedule the day and available time. Check out Booksy today! Articles Check Your Face Shape Wedding Hairstyles For Short Hair Wedding Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair How To Make Your Hair Less Greasy How To Style Curly Hair The Best Hairstyles For Graduation Haircuts For a Receding Hairline Most Popular Mens Haircuts