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Hair salons in Baton Rouge

A hair salon near you in Baton Rouge LA is a unique experience. It's far different than a standard barber, whose basic responsibility is cutting hair. Meanwhile, a hair salon's stylists work to make your experience as luxurious as possible.

The best hairdresser in Baton Rogue takes the necessary steps to give you a fresh look. Plus, they recommend the tools and products that make the style last beyond their doors. When there's a special event on the horizon, a hairdresser helps your party look its best.

Book hair salon appointments online in Baton Rouge

Booksy makes it simple to locate the right stylist at hair salons nearby. You start by scanning our Baton Rogue listings. Once you find salons that match your needs we recommend reading their detailed reviews. When you hone your decision Booksy helps you set up an appointment with one click.

This is done through our comprehensive website or mobile app. Additionally, scheduling an appointment at the best hair salon in Baton Rouge is available through their reviews on Instagram.

Not sure what does a hairdresser does?

A hairdresser is trained in cutting, shaping, and enhancing your hair. They have extensive knowledge of the products and equipment required to style the trendiest looks. On top of this, they recommend ones that they feel work well to frame your face.

To obtain high-end knowledge of the industry, many stylists go to a trade school to become certified as a hairdresser. In fact, almost 100% of hair salons require reemployment training prior to working for them. Among the courses hairstylists take are:

  • Cosmetology safety and sanitation standards.
  • The principles behind haircutting.
  • Techniques to clean your hair.
  • How to work with hair dye and other chemicals.
  • Care and sanitation of their equipment.

Some hairdressers decide to go through apprenticeships and additional education to hone their skills. This includes learning ways to maintain your style in Louisiana's sultry environment. The best hairdresser in Baton Rouge known the average annual humidity is around 60%. Thus, they recommend the best products to maintain your style's volume. Furthermore, they understand how proper hydration and nutrition relate to the health of your hair.

How to choose the best hairdresser in Baton Rogue?

Select the finest hairdressers in Baton Rouge by scanning their Booksy reviews. We sort our specialists through this information and include both positive and negative reviews. We want you to discover stylists that go the extra mile and ones prone to utilize harmful chemicals.

How much does a visit to the hairdresser cost?

A hair salon near you in Baton Rogue offers a different menu of services and costs than another location. The level of their stylists' skills and education is a possible reason for the price difference. It also relates to the products they use and sell. For instance, a nationally affiliated salon has different prices than an independent location that sells items from local vendors.

  • Cuts: Anywhere between $35 and $120
  • Blowouts: $85
  • Coloring: Between $65 and $200
  • Updos: $120
  • Hair Extensions: $15 per each or $175 for a whole head
  • Special Events: Between $200 and $300

How to find a hair salon open now?

The days and hours of operation vary for hair salons in Baton Rogue. Some independent stylists work at certain periods during the week. Other operations have appointment times seven days a week. In either situation, Booksy details the most recent schedules on our merchants' business pages.

Cheap hair salons in Baton Rouge

Though you want the luxury and pampering of a high-priced salon service it isn't in your current budget. Baton Rouge has several inexpensive outlets with top-notch hairdressers. These are found through our search engine.

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