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Louisiana is home to down south culture and class. Hairstyles and style in general have always had a great flare. Lafayette is no exception. The culture promotes natural, clean, and light hairstyles from short layered cuts with highlights to intricate braids and twists. With the ban on discrimination against certain natural hairstyles early in 2021, Lafayette is home to a growing salon industry to take care of specific hair type needs. Book Hair Salon Appointments Online in Lafayette Save yourself the time of having to schedule an appointment for later when you walk into a salon. Check for available booking dates and times before you make the trip. The best hair salon in Lafayette will most likely be a busy place. Check with booksy either through the website or the mobile app for available appointment times and book your next hair styling. What Treatments Are Available at Hair Salons in Lafayette? Like most cities, Lafayette’s salons offer the basic services that customers have come to expect. However, Lafayette also leads the way in new wave treatments like Olaplex hair repair and silk press washing techniques. Popular Salon Packages in Lafayette The most popular styles and salon services in Lafayette are used to achieve styles that accentuate the natural state of the customer’s hair. This means lighter and wavier styles for some and intricate braiding styles for others. 2021 style predictions think we’ll see hairstyles with a little bit more natural frazzle to them. Braids are becoming incredibly popular and salons are even offering braid washing and maintenance. The Average Cost of Salon Services in Lafayette Here’s a list of common services in Lafayette and their cost: • Weave -- $100+ • Silk Press -- $70+ • Box Braids -- $130+ • Trim -- $20+ • Braids -- $30+ • Highlight -- $40+ • Updos -- $100+ • Highlights -- $50+ • Bleach/Lightening -- $30+ • Olaplex -- $50+ • Hair Coloring -- $40+ • Beard trim -- $20+ • Haircut -- $35+ • Wash/Dry -- $35+ • Full Wash and Style -- $65+ How Do I Book An Appointment? Use Booksy to search for a hair salon near you in Lafayette LA. Booksy is easy to navigate and allows you to filter searches to find the best hairdressers in Lafayette. Scroll through the results to find the salon you want to visit and click the “book” button. Fill out the appointment form information and make sure to show up for your hair treatment. Search by Operating Hours When you need to find hair salons nearby right now, you can filter out your search results to show only the salons that are currently open and ready to perform. Just select the ‘when?’ section and choose today’s date. All the salons that are fully booked or already closed for the day will disappear. Just pick from the list of available salons and you’re ready to go. Transparent Price Listings Choosing the right salon is a tough decision without rigorous trial and error. You can save a little time sorting out the skill level of different salons based on their pricing options in relation to the average prices of the area. The best hair salon in Lafayette is likely to be among the most expensive. A larger price indicates greater experience and skill. Most salons will only have the confidence to price at a high cost if they have the best hairdresser in Lafayette. If you’re not searching for the best salon in town, just look for the lower-priced options with good reviews. Sometimes you just need a trim or have to keep a lower budget. Find Nearby Locations Booksy has a location function built directly into their search. Finding hair salons nearby is a simple and easy process. Just click the middle portion of the search bar. Either let your device fill your location automatically or manually search by typing in your city and state. Articles Check Your Face Shape Wedding Hairstyles For Short Hair Wedding Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair How To Make Your Hair Less Greasy How To Style Curly Hair The Best Hairstyles For Graduation Haircuts For a Receding Hairline Most Popular Mens Haircuts