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    10.9 mi 6107 Shattuck, Oakland, 94609

    Swarovski ToothGemz (1-5)

    Each Tooth Gem is $30 So depending on how many toothgemz you want would be the different price you would book for (1)$30 (2)$60 (3)$90 (4)$120 (5)$150 (6)$180 But giving a deal (6)$160
    Option 1
    Option 2
    Option 3
    Option 4
    Option 5

    Swarovski ToothGemz (6)


    Virgo Collaboration Freestyle Fullset

    This Freestyle Is Geared Towards Virgo's....If You Have A Birthday In September This Is A Special Birthday Set for you that comes with all the 🔔's and whistles
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    Sweet Tooth Gems & GRILLZ

    16.0 mi MOBILE, Oakland, 94601

    Get A Quote ~ Best Pricing

    Welcome! Let’s Create. Please fill out the short START MY GRILLZ QUOTE form and I’ll be right back with your quote.
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    Mold Impressions

    This service is for customers who are READY to purchase a GRILL. $100 goes towards your shipping, delivery to/from and your mold impression and is non-refundable. Please contact Shana 510-520-6162 if you need pricing for your custom grill order before booking your appointment. SELECT THE DATE YOU WOULD LIKE YOUR GRILL SHIPPED OUT. Thank you for your business.
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    Grillz Fitting:Delivery

    This is where you will schedule the Day you want you grill delivered.
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  • Intuitive Psychic Therapy

    13.4 mi 3804 17th St, San Francisco, 94114

    Psychic therapy


    Holistic meditation


    Chakra therapy

  • The Yoni Day Spa

    13.0 mi The Yoni Day Spa, 304 15th Street, Oakland, 94612

    The Yoni Steam Experience with AshleyAsatu

    The Yoni Steam Experience with AshleyAsatu is a 1 ½ hour appointment with Ashley to discuss your particular womb wellness needs. This can be anything from healing yeast infections, bacteria vaginosis, fibroids or endometriosis, to understanding your period pattern, developing a personalized fertility protocol or womb wellness therapy plan to correct any imbalances! This experience includes: CuntSoultation Custom Herb Blend for Your Yoni Steam Detox Foot Soak Fresh Pressed Juice or Tea Custom Home Regimen

    Princess Yoni PrepHer Steam

    This service is for teens preparing for wombmanhood. Ashley is passionate about educating our young princesses about holistic options for caring for their young bodies. Self-care and education for your teen during this time of transition is highly recommended and extremely necessary. If your teen has started her journey to wombmanhood and is suffering from painful cramps and/or needs period hygiene education consider booking this appointment. This is a very gentle blend designed by Ashley especially for the young body.

    "I Got This, Sis" DIY Steam

    The "I Got This, Sis" DIY Steam is a steam customized by the client in the spa. This service was created for the repeat steamer. We have over 20 different loose herbs for you to mix and blend. When you arrive in the spa you are given a chance to read over the different herbs and how they are healing to the body through the womb. Then we ask you to give the attendant your selections and move into our Zen space to relax and unwind. The attendant will let you know when your steam is ready for you.
  • Bay Beauty Spa

    6.5 mi 10425 San Pablo Ave, El Cerrito, 94530

    massage & facial combo

    40mins Back massage and 40mins Basic facial treatment

    cash deal:90 minutes combination massage

    60 minutes body Massage and 30 mins Foot Reflexology

    60 Minutes Full Body Massage

    Therapist will work on the entire body during this therapeutic massage. If there is a problem area that needs extra attention, such as a sore neck or tight back muscles, please request that the therapist spend more time focused on those trouble areas.
  • My Beauty Spa

    14.3 mi 1533 Webster St, Alameda, CA, 94501

    cash deal--face and hot stone Back massage


    Cash Deal--Facial and hot stone Back massage


    Promo price 60 Minutes Full Body Massage

    A full body massage for 60 minutes. Memberships are available for this service.
  • Queen Bee Nail Salon

    13.8 mi 2380 Market Street,, San Francisco, 94114



    Deluxe Manicure

    Warm lotion & oil +5 min massage +paraffin

    Mini Manicure

  • Barbie Aesthetics By Shayna

    18.1 mi 71st Ave, 805, Oakland, 94621

    Consultation REQUIRED For FILLERS!

    Consultation is required so I can map out the best plan for your filler journey. I also have to ask questions to make sure I can perform this treatment safely on you. Consultation is via FaceTime only at the moment sorry if that is an inconvenience to anyone. THIS IS NOT A DEPOSIT but will go towards your treatment if you book that day. This is NON-REFUNDABLE

    Consultation for Face regimen

    This is for those who have no idea what products to use for their skin type. Lifestyle and budget are also taken in to consideration. I will create a personal routine for your skincare journey

    Eyebrow shaping

    Cleaning and shaping of eyebrows.... makeup optional
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    Lovecloudrestore LLC

    15.9 mi Vallejo, 94591

    Wellness Coaching

    The coaching description depends on the needs of the consumer. Some of my consumers seek coaching for business needs, others just “want to talk” and explore mental wellness in this world of chaos. Please refer to lovecloudrestore.com for further info.
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    Wellness Coaching for Women of Color ages 18-24

    LoveCloudRestore offers 6 free wellness coaching sessions for consumers who identify as WOMEN of COLOR. Consumer must be between the ages of 18 and 24.
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    Shonta Salon Services

    26.9 mi San Ramon, 94583

    Facial treatment

    1. Consultation. 2. Cleanse. 3. Analyze. 4. Exfoliate. 5. Use steamer or steamed towels. 6. Extractions. 7. Massage. 8. Mask or peels. 9. Toner. 10. Moisture.
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    BASIC WAX PROCEDURES: 1. Consultation. 2. Cleanse, dry and apply powder. 3. Check wax temperature. 4. Apply a thin layer of wax with spatula. 5. Apply in the direction of hair growth. 6. Apply wax strip in direction of wax. 7. Hold skin tight and quickly remove. 8. Use hand to gently apply pressure to the area. 9. Apply lotion to sooth skin and remove any sticky wax residue.
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    1. Consultation and analysis. 2. Divide hair into 4 sections 3. Apply base cream around hairline and ears. 4. Base scalp if needed 5. Start applying in the back sections. 6. Use 1/4 - 1/2” partings. Apply 1/4” from scalp. 7. If hair has already been relaxed, apply only to new growth. 8. Apply to all sections. 9. Process according to directions. 10. Gently smooth sections with the back of comb until desired texture is reached. 11. Rinse well with warm water and towel blot dry. 12. Apply neutralizer and process per directions. 13. Rinse well, shampoo, condition and style. A relaxer is a type of lotion or cream generally used by people with tight curls or very curly hair which makes hair easier to straighten by chemically "relaxing" the natural curls.
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  • Presidio Sport & Medicine

    10.8 mi 1162 Gorgas Ave, San Francisco, CA, 94129

    Physical Therapy

    Sports Massage

    Active Release Techniques

  • SenSpa

    10.9 mi 1161 Gorgas Ave, San Francisco, CA, 94129

    Deluxe Illuminating Facial

    Couples Side-By-Side

    Chirossage With Adjustment

  • The Blue Buddha

    11.6 mi 1122A Sutter Street, San Francisco, CA, 94109

    The Subtle Body With Erik

    Integrated Acupuncture & Bodywork Initial Treat...

    Integrated Acupuncture & Bodywork Treatment 60-...

  • International Orange Spa

    11.6 mi 2044 Fillmore St, San Francisco, CA, 94115

    Io Signature Facial

    Io In Fiore Facial

    Io Organic Detox Facial

  • Kabuki Springs & Spa

    11.9 mi 1750 Geary Blvd, San Francisco, CA, 94115

    Abhyanga Massage

    Abhyanga Massage With Shirodara Treatment

    Express Body Polish

  • Imperial Spa

    12.0 mi 1875 Geary Blvd, San Francisco, CA, 94115

    Purification Scrub & Oil Massage

    Aroma Scrub & Oil Massage

    Ocean Breeze Purification

  • In-Symmetry

    13.5 mi 650 Florida St, San Francisco, CA, 94110

    Deep Tissue Massage

    Hot Stone Massage

    Sports Massage