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  • GemLife Artistry

    12.8 mi 4085 Grand Ave, 3, Chino, 91710

    Natural Makeup

    Classic look  using a technique that makes you look like you’re not wearing any make up. Holisticly natural.

    Airbrush Makeup

    Airbrush makeup is a professional formula and technique that involves spraying foundation directly onto the skin with an airbrush machine. Usually for weddings or on camera make up that doesn’t smudge.

    Eyebrow Shaping

    Derma plane technique and tweezing the overgrown hair creating the brow to look flawless
  • Fernandez Physio

    18.9 mi Location is based on day booked: Wed&Fri are in Rancho Cucamonga -Mon, Thurs, Sat are in Fullerton, Suite 190, Fullerton, 92831

    Physio Realignment with Javier

    Physio realignment are a mixture of energy work and trigger point therapy. With a philosophy focusing on finding the cause of the problem instead of just treating the affected area. In turn realigning and putting one’s body back together as a WHOLE. Specializing in returning your body to homeostasis. Improving ones immune response, helping tissue dysfunctions while getting rid of swelling, aches, and pains, and giving back your body full range of motion and detoxification.

    URGENT No Wait- IMMEDIATE Care Physio Realignment

    Unexpected injuries and accidents happen, but getting an appointment and the ability to be seen and treated in a timely fashion isn’t always an option with weeks booked out. This is an additional option for immediate NO WAIT care. IMMEDIATE/ URGENT Hours for those that desire to be seen right away. These hours are scheduled prior to normal business hours.

    Bio Magnetism Treatment

    The Medical Biomagnetism or Biomagnetic Therapy is a technique that uses pairs of magnets positioned in different concrete parts of ones body to balance PH levels and eliminate bacteria, viruses, fungi, and several type of parasites, in turn allowing our body to recover its health naturally and quickly. This is a simple but extremely effective therapy that allows working with powerful yet inoffensive magnets of different forms from which amazing results are obtained. It is an external process; it cannot destroy tissues, facilitate contagiousness, leave chemical residues, or produce medical iatrogeny or undesired side effects. This therapy does not use any harmful medical devices and is not invasive or painful, on the contrary it is an extremely simple and inofensive technique that only uses magnets positioned over the top of ones clothing to treat internal imbalances. Check out Video https://youtu.be/ESkggsAGCRQ
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    Blue Jean Acupuncture

    16.6 mi 90 N Madison Ave, Pasadena, 91101


    ***PLEASE NOTE*** Your appointment will be 40min to an hour. Our appointments are staggered. A minimum of 24 hours notice is required to change or cancel your appointment. Thank you!

    Optional Phone Consultation

    If you aren't sure if acupuncture can help you, or would just like to talk with someone about the service, book this consultation. If you already know you want treatment just go ahead and book a regular treatment.
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    RECHARGE Fitness & Wellness

    19.2 mi 120 West Wilshire Avenue, Suite B, Fullerton, 92832

    Personal Training


    Private Cycle


    Nutrition & Health Assessment

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