Holistic Medicine near me in Marietta, GA (3)

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  • God’z Barber Barbershop

    7.6 mi 3999 Austell Rd, Austell, 30106
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  • Spiced Kimistry

    17.8 mi 2797 Campbellton Rd SW, C2400, Atlanta, 30311

    Yoni/Anal Steam

    Yoni/vaginal Steaming is a holistic healing practice where you sit on a stool over herb infused steam. The vagina houses the most absorbent tissues of the woman's body which allows some benefits of the steam to be experienced immediately. This practice is deeply nourishing and supports the connection with the wisdom that resides within the womb for cleansing, toning and healing our sacred center, mind, body and soul. Some of the benefits are: Balances hormones, regulates menstrual cycle, strengthen tighten and tone vaginal walls, adds moisture to vagina, aids in preventing pms and menopause symptoms, heal vaginal tearing, maintain healthy odor, treats and aids in removing fibroids, release emotional pain and trauma, etc


    It's vitally important that you understand any and everything that's done to your body. When it comes to healing and rejuvenation, knowledge always lead the way. Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.

    Lingam/ Anal Steam

    Lingam Steaming is a safe, comfortable, healing practice that consist of sitting over herbal infused steam. The herbal infusion is absorbed through the skin to reach the bloodstream. The genital area contains the most absorbent tissues of the body. This practice opens your pores and allows sweat to flow freely from the body and expels impurities. Lingam steaming allows you to connect with your inner being, energy, spirit and passion. These are some of the benefits: Relaxation, improves prostate health, soothes pain, disinfects and purifies the body, improves sexual performance, reduce stress, treats hemorrhoids, decrease headaches, improves energy, aids in preventing and healing erectile dysfunction, etc