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    Alquimia Integrative Healing

    37.7 mi 388 Canal Pl, Bronx, 10451

    Closing The Bones Ceremony

    This is a tailor-fitted ceremony normally done to bring closure 40 days after a birth (la cuarentena), however, closing the bones can also be done to bring closure and move on from any difficult or challenging phase in a person's life. It is also often done to prepare the body for conception and clear stagnant energy. Space is created for intention setting, followed by a 30-minute sauna session to help sweat out stagnation, a full-body massage, and finishing off with a full-body wrap with rebozos, where the client will be allowed time to calm the mind, body & spirit. The closing the bones ceremony is a deeply sacred and impactful indigenous practice that honors the journey and challenges that your body has gone through. It holds a space for grief while also creating new space for the next phase of your life.
    2h 30min

    Holistic Massage Therapy

    60 minutes
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    Shiatsu Session

    During this session, I administer various passive stretches and also place pressure on specific points on the body to disperse any blockage of qi and promote balance. ā€‹