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  • Beauty Vibes Aesthetics

    3.2 mi 617 Broadway, Everett, MA, 02149

    Lymphatic Massage

    -Fight off infection. -Speed up healing and recovery from the cold and flu. -Reduce water retention. -Boost weight loss. -Improve cellulite, skin swelling, scar tissue, acne, and stretch marks. -Reduce stress and fatigue. -Help with post-exercise recovery.
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    $70.00 $63.00

    Deep Cleaning Facial

    This treatment is targeted in really cleansing and extracting Clogged and Congested Skin. It’s a great treatment for someone who needs a lot of extractions. If for instance, it is your first facial in a while. I recommend this treatment. Included: -Cleansing -Exfoliation -Extraction -1 Masks -Facial Lymphatic Massage *2hr Treatment
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    $130.00 $117.00

    Express Facial

    This facial treatment is for those who wants a quick refreshing of the skin. You will leave with a clean and glowing skin. Perfect treatment for someone who doesn’t need a lot of extractions. -Cleansing -Exfoliation -Quick Extractions -Hydrating Mask -Facial Massage
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    $60.00 $54.00