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Makeup artists are artists in the truest sense. More than face painters, each has its own skill, style, and imagination. Their style often evolves and reflects the culture of the time. Makeup artists are not Picassos or Van Goghs but they have their unique preferred styles. In the case of makeup artists, their styles tend to change with the evolution of cultural tastes. Thus, when looking for the makeup artist that’s right for you, you need to be familiar with that artist’s preferred styles and taste. What makeup are you looking for? You are using our Booksy system because you are looking for a makeup artist. First, you should decide what look or style you prefer. Not long ago women abandoned the heavy-painted lady look in favor of the no makeup makeup. Makeup designers encouraged and probably even instigated the shift. They sold a whole new line of makeup. They followed shortly with a push for “Glam” makeup art which was a modernized painted lady style with bold shades and colors. (In case it is not obvious, “Glam” is short for glamorous.) That required another new line of makeup. But it was not long before there appeared a “soft Glam” or “natural Glam” trend. One might call it antiGlam. Again, we had to have a new line of makeup products. There are several makeup styles employed by makeup artists. • Natural makeup. This makeup is characterized by ingredients and style that enhance your natural beauty. It is typically subtle and soft with light to medium coverage. • Neutral makeup. Neutral makeup uses neutral colors like brown, tan, beige, mauve, bronze, gold, and rose. • Glamorous or “Glam” makeup. This style is wide-open using any colors imaginable. You will see bold eye and lip makeup. The sky is the limit. • Soft Glam or natural Glam. This is what’s hot right now. So, of course, there are lots of new natural Glam makeup products on the market. It consists of natural, fleshy tones that are compatible with all skin colors. It features soft brown smokey eyelashes with a natural skin finish. Brows are bold and full. • Someone even came up with “retrograde glam”. Never mind. The point of this discussion is that each makeup artist has their unique style, preferences, and specialties. To be sure, their styles evolve with consumer preferences and demands. So, it’s good to be aware of what’s hot before choosing the right makeup artist so you know what style they are likely to feature and prefer. Book a makeup artist appointment online in Booksy Wherever you are, you can book an appointment with makeup artist near you on Booksy. Booksy schedules appointments for you at makeup artists in cities all over the United States. Booksy is a free beauty appointment scheduling app. Appointments are easy to find and can be booked within seconds. You enter your preferred service, location, and when you want the appointment. What does a makeup artist do? A makeup artist is an artist with your face as a canvas and myriad makeup products as their palette. They work with different styles and products. They also advise on what styles, colors, shading, and other aspects are best suited for your age, facial features, and skin coloring. How to choose best specialist in makeup in Brooklyn We already discussed some services offered by Booksy. In addition, we can book appointments for specialists in hair salons, barbershops, nail salons, skin care, eyebrows and lashes, message, day spas, and more. Booksy contacts can be sorted by reviews. With Booksy’s tools, you can sort and identify your top specialist in the specialty you need and the city where you need it. They can be sorted by mileage to makeup places near you and further filtered to identify black makeup artist nearbym. How much does a makeup artist cost? We skimmed the 288 makeup artists near you in Brooklyn and calculated the average makeup artist costs. The prices vary across a very broad spectrum. The average price of a Brookly makeup artist’s services was $95 for the full Glam service with a low of $45 and a high of $185. Finding a cheap makeup artists in Brooklyn Our app will sort the 288 makeup artists in Brooklyn by price, location, top reviews, and other criteria. Their list can be sorted by price. Find a makeup artist near you Make an appointment with a makeup artist in Brooklyn best with our Booksy app (windows or android) that you can download on our website. The app will report the mileage to each posted establishment. If your chosen service is makeup artists, Booksy lists the makeup artists in your chosen location, their services offered, and their price list. We entered makeup artists in Brooklyn. Booksy produced a list of 288 contacts with their name, location, website, services offered, and prices. The following are just a few (abbreviated here). • Hansel makeup artist. Regular glam makeup, bridal makeup, etc Prices: $125 to $175 • LooksXKay. Natural makeup, natural makeup mobile, custom makeup mobile. Prices: $75. • Odilis Trinidad Beauty. Makeup service (any looks), wedding makeup. Prices: $175 to $450. • Polinamckinney. Natural makeup, airbrush makeup, New Years’ makeup. Prices: $50 to $100. We chose these selections because they illustrate the broad range of makeup artists available in Brooklyn. Booksy will schedule your appointment with any one of the 288 available. Conclusion Whatever your beauty needs or desires, Booksy will help you find the establishment that best suits you. Contact us on our website to download our app to start your search. Articles Graduation Makeup Looks Wedding Makeup Ideas Dia De Los Muertos Makeup Tutorial Makeup Trends For Fall The Best Spring Makeup Looks