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If you want your nails to stay looking in tip-top shape, there’s really only one place to go—we’re talking about the nail salon of course. And while a nail salon may be the go-to establishment for a quick standard manicure, there are plenty of other services that nail salons across the city of San Antonio have to offer including pedicures, acrylic extensions, paraffin treatments, and more! Sure, you could walk into the nearest nail salon and request an appointment—but there’s no way of knowing what the wait time would be or whether or not their service is top-notch. That’s why, we recommend using the Booksy app, which makes scheduling appointments easier than ever before. Booksy will not only allow you to schedule an appointment at a nail salon in San Antonio for your desired timeframe, but you’ll also be able to browse through credible client reviews to help you choose the right salon to visit! What is a nail salon and what types of services are offered there? A nail salon is an establishment that focuses on the care, health, and appearance of your nails. These types of businesses typically offer a number of different nail care treatments that you can schedule appointments for. See our list below of a few of the most common types of treatments and services you may find at your local nail salon. CLASSIC MANICURE A classic manicure is the most customary nail service which the concept of nail salons is essentially built upon. This treatment includes a list of different steps including shaping the nails, tending to the cuticles, buffing the nails, and optionally painting them with a standard nail polish. PEDICURE Like manicures, pedicures are also one of the most typical treatments that are available in nail salons across the globe. Pedicures essentially entail a similar sequence of steps, but they focus on the feet instead of the hands. Furthermore, pedicures may include aspects such as a foot massage, which aren’t included in a manicure treatment. ACRYLIC NAILS If you’re looking to elongate your fingernails, you’ll want to investigate the different varieties of false nails, of which acrylic nails are the most popular type. Acrylic nails are created by applying a paste made of a polymer powder and liquid monomer. This paste is then applied and bonded to the natural nails to result in nail extensions. GEL NAILS Unlike a regular manicure which only requires airdrying, a gel manicure uses a special gel-based nail polish that needs to be cured under UV or LED light to harden. Likewise, you can also opt to get gel nail extensions, which involve applying a buildable hard gel (which also needs to be cured) to create nail extensions. PARAFFIN TREATMENT Many nail salons also offer paraffin treatments as a part of their service menu. It requires your technician to dip your hands in paraffin wax, then peeling away the waxy layers. This type of treatment serves to soften and moisturize the skin, but it also has other healing properties such as loosening up the joints in the hands and reducing pain.  How do I choose the best nail salon in San Antonio?  Scout out the best options for nail salons in San Antonio by using the top mobile booking tool, Booksy. You can use either Booksy’s web browser version or the Booksy app (available for iOS and Android phones) and complete the information in the search engine bar at the top of the site or app screen. When you’ve finished with that, you’ll be shown an array of nearby listings. Browsing through and reading some customer reviews on businesses that stand out will help you find the best solution for you. But if you still need a hand with locating the top options, check out the “Sort by” filter to see the “Top Reviewed” businesses or those that are “Recommended by Booksy”. Nail salon near me Explore San Antonio with Booksy! Check out the closest nail salons in your area by using Booksy’s search engine bar to view your local options. In the search fields make sure you include the service or business you’re searching for (nail salon), your location (San Antonio), and an appointment timeframe that works with your schedule. Once you’re done, explore your options and book your pick—or use the “Map View” and “Filters and Localization” features to continue searching.   Articles How To Dry Nails Fast? Black Nail Designs Tips To Make Your Nails Grow Faster Aftercare Manicure Tips Red Nail Designs Blue Nail Styles What Causes Yellow Nails Nails For Spring