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Rock Hill, SC

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  • Sheena Jean Massage Xperience

    18.2 mi 1811 Sardis rd N, Collonade Executive Suite, Charlotte, 28270

    Massage consultation w/demo

    Need to feel the therapist touch and set up a treatment plan but not sure what to book or what to expect? This consultation is what you need to answer your questions and overcome your fears

    Upper body only (neck & shoulders)


    Basic Bodywork (Full Body)

    Basic Body work service includes head, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, & back. Muscle tension and pain relief Guaranteed to get the knots out!
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    F4L Personal Training

    16.1 mi Glenburn Ln, Charlotte, 28278

    Strength Training

    F4L strength training or resistance training involves the performance of physical exercises that are designed to improve strength and endurance. F4L incorporates a variety of training techniques such as calisthenics, isometrics, and plyometrics. Perfect workout session to get RIPPED.

    Cardio workout

    F4L Cardio training focuses on increasing your heart rate to target your optimal heart rate zone for fat burn.


    This is the perfect recovery option after a tough week of training. Book this session to set aside dedicated time to stretch your muscles.
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    Fran’s Boys and Girls Center

    23.4 mi 2600 W Trade Street, Fran’s Kids Boys & Girls Center, Charlotte, 28208

    Event Space Rental - No Tables or Chairs Option

    Rent our event space for your next banquet, awards ceremony, family gathering, or dinner for up to 50 guest
    No Tables or Chairs Option
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    Event Space Rental - Including Tables and Chairs

    Includes 10 Tables & 40 Chairs
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    Outdoor Field Space For Events

    Outdoor Event
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    D.R.I.P.P Royalty Fitness

    14.5 mi 5641 Keltonwood Rd, Charlotte, 28273

    Virtual Personal Training

    Mobile service

    Personal training

    1 intro session and evalution! 1hr workout

    Novice Personal Training

    This service focuses on everyday functional fitness, while building muscle for daily/active lifestyle. Burn up too 350-600 calories per sessions 4-6 monthly sessions. Price does include gas charge. No yearly subscriptions. Monthly subscriptions or quarterly subscriptions.
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