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    Above The Barr Cleaning LLC

    8.1 mi West Henrietta, 14586

    Standard Cleaning

    Standard cleaning includes dusting down of all items in livingroom dining room and bedrooms. Straightening items as needed. Picking up items as needed. Bathrooms get a complete cleaning. Kitchen counters get cleaned including the sink and exterior of appliances aside from the microwave. Interior is an addtl cost. Floors are done respectively Air fresheners and fabric deoderizers are available by request.
    Mobile service
    1h 30min

    Deep Clean

    Deep clean master bath! Deep clean involves a cleaning from top to bottom- Deep dusting into ceilings.  Walls get wiped down with a focus on stains.  ( depending on the type of paint we can get most stains off)  All hightouch areas such as electrical sockets, light switches, door knobs, handles, railings, ledge etc.  Bathrooms get a full cleaning - can include interior of cabinets if empty.  Kitchen gets a full cleaning, including exterior of appliances aside from the microwave.  Interior is an addtl cost.  Cabinets can get cleaned Interior if emptied.   Baseboards, floors respectively.   Air fresheners and fabric fresheners are available by request.
    Mobile service
    Deposit required for deep cleans
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    Laundry Service

    10 per load to start, dry and fold .
    Mobile service
    1h 30min
  • Victor Chiropractic

    10.4 mi 6385 State Route 96, Victor, 14564

    New Patient Visit

    First visit for new patient includes treatment. Please allow time for intake paperwork.

    Chiropractic Service

    Chiropractic Treatment

    Migraine & Headache Managment

    Chiropractic treatment of this condition does not have to include chiropractic manipulation. Migraines can be managed with gentle soft tissue massage techniques.
  • Mercedes Nails Studio

    7.0 mi 241 Andrews St, Suite, A, Rochester, 14604

    Short Length/ (square or round shape)

    1h 30min

    Medium Length (square, almond, tapered, stiletto

    1h 30min

    Long Length (any shape)

    1h 45min
  • RaynedOn Artistry

    7.5 mi 57 University Ave, St 6, 6, Rochester, 14605


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