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  • Serene Space By S

    2.9 mi 111, New York, 10111

    1 Hour Session


    10 Minute Discovery Call

    We will explore your current challenges as well as create a future vision of who you’d like to become and the life you envision. If we both feel we are a good fit then we can discuss my coaching system.

    (3) 1 Hour Sessions

  • Hair promotionz I take walk-in

    17.7 mi 1625 Grand Ave, A, Baldwin, 11510




    Option 1
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    1h 30min

    12.0 mi New York, NY, Fresh Meadows 11365

    Planetary Period Consultation

    READ MORE - This reading is strictly about the planetary period ‘dasha’ that you are in. It is about understanding the timing of your karma to avoid obstacles as best as possible and to obtain life’s treasures. This reading is about helping you rise to or above the occasion by knowing what planetary period you are currently in, will be going through or just want to understand what has happened in the past. What is a Dasha? Dasha is a Sanskrit term which refers to a condition, state, circumstance, period of life, or planetary period. The dasha layout shows what planet is ruling at any given time. Examples - The planetary period of a very well placed planet will give great results such as health and wealth. - The planetary period of a decently placed planet will give ordinary results. - The planetary period of a poorly placed planet will give undesirable and worthless results.
    Online service

    Compatibility Consultation

    READ MORE - Must have birth time & place for both parties involved.
    Online service
    1h 30min

    Career Astrology

    READ MORE - The key to your success: Awareness of your natural skills and hidden talents! This Career Consultation is going to help you answer the following questions: What are you good at? What is your passion? How can you turn that into a living? What Kind of Career Should I Have? What Business Should I Start? This consultation will use the position of planets in your natal chart to reveal what kind of work you should be doing now. You may be surprised by this information, or it might confirm some suspicions you’ve had about your career path. Your career is really about using your natural talents in some way to help others, so this reading will use the positions of the planets in your chart to reveal what kind of work would best utilize your energies. Astrology is all about timing, though, and there are specific times during our lives when certain kinds of work will be no longer be appropriate and we have to start working towards our true calling. If you’re not currently doing your life’s work that suits your natural abilities, then don’t wait for Saturn to give you a kick in the pants to move towards your path. This reading helps you understand why you’re not happy where you are, and what kind of type of work makes sense for your true talents. This session takes a look at your nakshatras, Karakamsha lagna, D-10 chart and more.
    Online service
    1h 30min
  • Glitter Mami Nails

    6.9 mi 145 post ave, New York, 10034

    Fill 💅🏻

    Prices vary depending on growth and nails damage one gel color and one finger design included. $7 Broken/missing nail $10 French design any color change of acrylic color will be charged extra $ * keep in mind that working on top of other peoples work will be charge the same * if you desire a brand new set please add a soak off wit your nail appointment 💖💖 Swarovski, gems, stickers, glitter,Chrome, Foils, Charms etc is charged separately
    1h 30min

    Acrylic nails set

    Prices vary depending on length, shape, and design one color gel one finger design included. Swarovski, gems, stickers, glitter,Chrome, Foils, Charms etc is charged separately
    2h 40min

    Ombré acrylic nails

    Prices vary depending on length/shape and acrylic color any adds on is extra $$ Swarovski, gems, stickers, glitter,Chrome, Foils, Charms etc is charged separately.
  • Get Fit. Stay Fit.

    16.8 mi 668 Central Park Avenue, 24 Hour Fitness, Scarsdale, NY, 10583

    Health & Fitness Assessment

    As a one time courtesy, I will meet with you at a location of your choice to perform a baseline assessment which includes exercises, total body stretching, nutrition and goal setting.

    Business Referral

    My way of showing my appreciation for spreading the word! As a courtesy for referring me to someone, you will receive a comped special service of your choice!

    Online Training

    Not available to meet in person? With today's technology, reach your fitness goals from the comfort of your own home.
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