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    13.9 mi New York, NY, Fresh Meadows 11365

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    Before any consultation I would like to meet you, understand your energy and how to best help you.
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    Natal Chart Consultation

    READ MORE - This is strictly about helping you better understand yourself through your natal chart. Ascension can only happen through your Astrological chart. This is the importance of knowing your natal birth chart. You need to know why you are here and what you are doing. Ascension through your Ascendant. This session will bring you invaluable insights and the keys you need for your ascension. The key to ascension: Awareness and knowledge of your Natal Chart! You’ll learn about - Your intellect. - Your challenges. - Your emotions. - Your inner self. - Your outer self. - Your luck and success. - Your mental processes. - Your communication style. - Your strengths, where do you excel? - Your weaknesses, where do you fall short? - Your approach life and your active side. - How you love. - How you live. - How you fit in. - How do you take action? - What are your elements? - Where are you tested and what are your lessons? - What makes you feel safe, supported and secure?
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    Planetary Period Consultation

    READ MORE - This reading is strictly about the planetary period ‘dasha’ that you are in. It is about understanding the timing of your karma to avoid obstacles as best as possible and to obtain life’s treasures. This reading is about helping you rise to or above the occasion by knowing what planetary period you are currently in, will be going through or just want to understand what has happened in the past. What is a Dasha? Dasha is a Sanskrit term which refers to a condition, state, circumstance, period of life, or planetary period. The dasha layout shows what planet is ruling at any given time. Examples - The planetary period of a very well placed planet will give great results such as health and wealth. - The planetary period of a decently placed planet will give ordinary results. - The planetary period of a poorly placed planet will give undesirable and worthless results.
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    Inspiring Queen Modeling.

    18.3 mi Willing to travel, Brooklyn, 11226

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    Book Model for 1 hour. No Makeup included.
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    17.7 mi 45 Montgomery St, Bloomfield, 07003

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