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    Rock Body Contour

    7.4 mi 403 Portland Circle, Huntington Beach, 92648

    Ultrasonic Cavitation

    🌟 Did you know that #UltrasonicCavitation is widely recognized as one of the most effective cellulite reduction and local fat loss technologies available today? 🌟 Our Low Frequency Cavitation is applied with our advanced treatment protocols and is the strongest and best Cavitation treatment available today. 🌟 The Ultrasonic Cavitation technology is not a miracle treatment, but if you suffer from cellulite or you want a non-surgical solution for local fat deposit reduction, it is one of the best single technologies you can possibly use to fight those skin problems.

    Laser Lipo

    🌟 Laser Lipo Can Reshape Your Body ✔️ By targeting pockets of stubborn fat, laser sculpting can dramatically change your shape. While it is not specifically for weight loss, it is ideal for reduction in areas such as the abdomen, upper thighs, buttocks, love handles, and many others. 🌟 Laser Sculpting Can Tighten Skin ✔️ While traditional liposuction can get rid of fat, laser lipo does a little more. In addition to melting fat away, laser sculpting can also improve the appearance of the skin. The laser shrinks fat cells, giving the appearance of smoother skin, making it an ideal option for those with poor skin tone.

    Radio Frequency

    🌟 Wrinkles, cellulite and sagging skin are the inevitable horrors of life. Fortunately, there is a way to reduce these problems and you can delay the inevitable. 🌟 The magic solution is a #radiofrequency treatment. 🌟 Radiofrequency treatment is an aesthetic technique in which radiofrequency energy is used for skin tightening. 🌟 It reduces wrinkles and cellulite and treats skin laxity. 🌟 Let's get started on building the body you've always wanted! Book your appointment today!
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    18.9 mi 1551 Paramount blv, Paramount, CA, 90723

    Money pices


    Women's hair cut


    Man hair cut

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    Pale Girls Palace

    8.9 mi 2600 Newport Blvd, Ste 134, Newport Beach, 92663


    Do you suffer from acne scars ? Acne ? Hyperpigmentation ? Or simply want to slow down the aging ? This treatment uses small needles to penetrate the skin to make tiny holes. Leaving you with fresh blood, plasma and moisturizing serum to be pushed right back into the skin for the best possible healing formula. This treatment includes • microdermabrasion • dermaplane & numbing cream * Please ask about our growth factor serum & mask add-ons for even better results

    Signature PGP Promo

    This includes 30 minute Hydrafacial , lash lift , & tan
    1h 45min

    Body Polish + Wrap with Signature Hydrafacial

    Looking to lose inches & tighten up loose sagging skin ?! This natural body polish and wrap will do just that ! This is an extremely relaxing treatment that will help tighten up your goods. Do this while enjoying a relaxing hydrating facial
    1h 30min
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    Look at me now mobile detailing

    73.4 mi Los Angeles, 93536

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    2h 15min

    Premium wash

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    3h 45min