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  • Mobile service

    Dyamonds & Pearls, Inc.

    7.9 mi 7151 Bexhill Rd, Windsor Mill, 21244


    Reflexology, also known as zone therapy, is an alternative medical practice involving the application of pressure to specific points on the feet, ears, and/or hands. This is done using thumb, finger, and hand massage techniques without the use of oil or lotion.
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    $50.00 $42.50

    Yoni Steam Consultation

    Telephone or Zoom call to complete client intake form and determine eligibility for treatment. FIRST TIME CLIENTS ONLY
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    $30.00 $25.50

    Yoni Steam (Mild Setup)

    Recommended Service for First Time Steamers and Sensitive Users, which may include; women w/ iuds, women prone to infections, girls under the age of 13, women prone to short menstrual cycles, history of spontaneous bleeding, and/or women with hot flashes/ nightsweats.
    Save up to 15%
    $50.00 $42.50
  • The Right Touch Massage Therapy

    19.3 mi 1425 Liberty Road, Suite 211, Eldersburg, 21784

    15min Reflexology


    Menopause Support Massage

    Our special massage oil is blended to address symptoms including: emotional upsets, sensitivity, discomfort and hot flashes, while also providing overall support.
    1h 30min

    45-Min Aging Gracefully Massage

    Live life - forget your age! Specially blended oils help promote self-confidence, lift your spirits, and ease anxiety. This body massage will make you feel the optimism of youth.
  • Color and Soul

    17.3 mi 401 Main St, Laurel, 20707

    Foot Reflexology

    Includes and herbal foot soak. Every nerve in your body is connected to your feet. By applying acupressure to specific points better circulation and relaxation can be stimulated in other areas of the body. Massage effects without getting naked (lol).

    Tandem Facial and Reflexology

    Enjoy an hour of Queen-like care with a Facial and Reflexology administered at the same time. Talk about TOTAL relaxation and healing (we'll pour you into your car when we're done).
    Aromatherapy Deep Cleansing Facial
    Foot Reflexology

    Foot Detox and Reflexology Combo

    1h 20min
    Foot Reflexology
    Ionic Foot Detoxification