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  • New Spring Day Spa

    4.3 mi 1948 Contra Costa Blvd, Pleasant Hill, 94523

    Sauna Therapy (for one person)


    Sauna Therapy (for couple)


    Sauna Therapy (for a party of 3)

  • Beautiful As I Am

    15.3 mi 7th St, Berkeley, 94710

    Underarm Detox


    Esthemax®️ Hydrojelly Masque

    Can be added to any facial service. Included with LED treatment.

    Enzyme Peel

    Plant based peel option, gentle and great for most skin types. ***Only available as an add on to a facial.
  • Traveling service

    Signature Touch

    13.8 mi 2046 Lincoln St, Berkeley, 94709

    Infrared Sauna treatment

    Detoxification and the benefits of infrared saunas. ... Stress and fatigue reduction. ... Muscle aches, arthritis and joint pain. ... Weight loss and increased metabolism. ... Immune system support. ... Skin conditions and the benefits of infrared sauna. ... Heart health. ... Appearance of cellulite. Infrared saunas not only help the lymphatic system target toxins stored in fat cells, they've also been proven to accelerate weight loss, relieve sore muscles and joints, reduce stress and fatigue, improving skin, and a whole lot more.



    Post op Lymphatic drainage

    Lymphatic drainage massage promotes the circulation of lymph and helps rid the body of toxins and waste materials. It also aids in purifying and regenerating tissues while normalizing organ function, and enhancing ones metabolism and immune system.
  • Traveling service

    L.Y.T.E Beauty Aesthetics

    15.3 mi 902 Santa Fe Ava, Albany, 94706

    Detox sauna blanket

    Our Detox Sauna Blanket aids in weight loss muscle aches stress, calorie burning, increase metabolism and immune system support. The controlled- timed heat causes the body to sweat and release toxins. This treatment is very popular and efffective weight loss, body slimming and far burning. Also try

    Ultrasonic Cavitation with Wood Therapy

    Ultrasonic Cavitation is a Non surgical non invasive far removal technique that helps eliminates stubborn fat pockets and breaks down/ liquefy fat cells aiding in weight loss. Wood Therapy is a natural yet effective treatment that uses wooden instruments to mold, redefine, reduce cellulite and promote weight loss while shaping and toning the body. It also helps with lymphatic drainage. *1 area per service fee abdomen, thighs, arms or back. Add $35 per area 10-12 + sessions is recommended for maximum results (varies by client)

    Lymphatic drainage massage