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Straight Razor Shaves in Tampa

A straight razor shave gives you a closer shave than any other razor. During those humid Tampa summers, a smooth shave is crucial to avoid itchy razor burn, but using the open blade at home can be difficult if not dangerous. That’s why men go to the professionals for the smoothest shave known to man. What is a Straight Razor Shave? A straight razor has an open single blade. It’s able to get closer to the hair follicle in your skin than a regular, multi-blade razor, giving you the smoothest shave possible. Professional barbers are masters with the blade. Under their care, a shave can become a relaxing experience. From the hot towel and the exfoliating creams, to the smooth cheeks and chin, it’s like a spa treatment for your face. How Long Does a Straight Razor Shave Take? The time it takes to get a straight razor shave depends on the speed and dexterity of the barber. The actual shave usually takes 20-40 minutes, but is always better when he’s not rushed. The entire process is meant to be enjoyed as much as the shave itself. How Long Does a Straight Razor Shave Last? The length between shave varies depending on how fast your beard grows. How Much Does a Straight Razor Shave Cost in Tampa? An experienced barber usually charges between $10 to $20. Ready for the best shave of your life? Find expert barbers in Tampa, FL on Booksy today!