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  • Vibe Relax Massage

    16.5 mi 5825 Glenridge Dr, Building 3, Atlanta, GA, 30328

    Vibration Stretch (Assisted Stretching)

    Assisted stretching allows your muscles to be stretched at a comfortable max while you are in a relaxed state. You can improve you range of motion and flexibility allowing your muscles less stress during workouts and daily activities. Your joints will glide and vibe easier due to increase in production of your body’s natural lubricants. Experience better posture and less chance of injury while your muscles are stretched and vibrating as they should be. Add the CBD and take that stretch even deep.

    VIBE Release Massage and Stretching

    This technique helps to improve the mobility and flexibility of your muscles & your fascia. What is FASCIA you ask? Well, Fascia is a thin layer web of connective tissue, a connective tissue system that spreads throughout your entire body, connecting and wrapping around your muscles, joints, nerves, bones, organs and pretty much everything in your whole body. Fascial helps to keep everything in your body in place. Tight myofascial tissue can restrict movement in your muscles and joints and can lead to additional tightness in other places, without you knowing how it began. During a vibe relax myofascial therapy session your therapist will spends time feeling for your stiff and tight areas, using their hands to massage and stretch and apply deep and firm pressure to your myofascial looking to eliminate knots and melt away the tension in your connective tissue. Ending your session with deep assisted stretching so the deeper fascial tissue web can be released as well. And Yes! CBD helps Release your fascial tension even more as well!
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    Vibrate Elevate 30

    This 30 min massage is designed to give your Vibration the Elevation you need! This massage focuses on the neck, shoulders, arms, hands and back. We can customize your elevation to your specific needs, if needing more specific focus. This 30 min Vibration Elevation is just enough to get you through the rest of the week. foot bath and Hot towels are still included in your 30 minuet elevation
  • Mobile service

    Better You Chiropractic and Wellness

    21.7 mi 3039 Briarcliff Rd NE, Atlanta, 30329

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