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Tanning in North Chicago

With a partly cloudy forecast for the majority of the year and annual high temperatures fixed within the sixty-degree range, it’s unlikely that most North Chicago visitors and residents will be whipping out their swimsuits to soak up the sun. However, you don’t have to forgo a golden summer glow—it can easily be achieved at a tanning salon near you!

Whether you prefer popular and renowned centers like Chicago Tanning Co or local mom and pop tanning salons, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from when scheduling an appointment with Booksy. Getting started is simple, just download the Booksy mobile application to your iOS or Android device or visit Booksy.com on your web browser to begin browsing businesses and booking health, beauty, and wellness services, completely online.

What is tanning and how does it work?

Tanning is the process of exposing your skin to ultraviolet rays in order to achieve a darkened skin tone. Many people enjoy the activity of outdoor tanning by laying out in the sun, but tanning can also be fulfilled through artificial sunlight sources such as UV lamps which are commonly found in tanning beds.

Sunbeds, tanning beds, or tanning booths are well-known mediums of obtaining sun-kissed skin without ever setting foot outside. These types of devices all employ the same technology, featuring long, specialized light bulbs that emit ultraviolet radiation with many salons offering different levels of tanning beds that can give off either stronger or weaker UV light—resulting in a lighter or deeper tan.

Before going to your tanning appointment, most tanning specialists recommend showering, shaving, and exfoliating one to two days before your tanning session to help your skin achieve a uniform and even tan. It is also imperative to consult with a doctor if you’re taking any medications, since some medicines can increase skin sensitivity while tanning. As for tanning bed safety, always remember to wear a pair of specialized tanning goggles which will be provided by your tanning salon, as ultraviolet light can be harmful to the eyes.

How do I choose the best tanning salon in North Chicago?

With Booksy, you can read through trustworthy client reviews on tanning salons in your area to make the best booking decision for yourself. On our platform, you’ll find not only distinguished tanning businesses (think Chicago Tanning Co) but also smaller, family-owned businesses, which you can read reviews on by heading over to their individual Booksy business pages. You can also easily sort listings to find the best ones—and in order to do that, you’ll first need to conduct a search using Booksy’s search engine bar. Simply fill out the three required fields and after your results have appeared below, you can click on the “Sort by” button to arrange your options by the best picks.

How much does a tanning session cost?

The costs associated with indoor tanning sessions can fluctuate depending on a number of factors including the location of the tanning salon, what level of tanning bed is being used, and how many minutes of tanning you’re going for. On average, a single tanning session can average between ten and twenty-five dollars, but this cost can increase with add-ons such as tanning lotions or sun stickers. Some salons also offer package deals, where you’re able to buy multiple tanning sessions at a lower price than if you were to buy them individually. To check specific pricing, you can take a look at your favorite tanning salons on Booksy, where the prices will be listed next to each service.

How do I find tanning salons open now?

If you want to discover tanning salons in your area that are open right now, you’ll want to have a go at a Booksy search. In the search bar located at the top of the page, begin filling in the fields with your personal information including what service you’re looking to schedule an appointment for, where you are located, and a preferred timeframe for your tanning appointment. By entering a time and date that is closest to the current one, our smart search engine will generate results of salons and businesses that are open now!