Hudson and Harrison Extensions
Hudson and Harrison Extensions
Hudson and Harrison Extensions
Hudson and Harrison Extensions
Hudson and Harrison Extensions
Hudson and Harrison Extensions
Hudson and Harrison Extensions
Hudson and Harrison Extensions
Hudson and Harrison Extensions
Hudson and Harrison Extensions
Hudson and Harrison Extensions
Hudson and Harrison Extensions
Hudson and Harrison Extensions
Hudson and Harrison Extensions

Hudson & Harrison is a unique, boutique-style hair salon in Lincoln Park, where we specialize in hair extensions but offer a host of beauty and wellness services. We cater to women who are confident, professional, creative, and fly. If you're new to the city and need hair care or extensions, H & H is your go-to beauty destination. Natural coils, flexi rods, perm rods, silk press, trims, oil treatments, and scalp exfoliation are all available. I'm also a natural hair stylist, coloring, and braiding expert—read through my 250 five-star reviews to hear clients describe their visit to our hidden gem!

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Back to school Install with Hair

5h 30m $375.00 Book now

Hair Care


40m $30.00 Book now


Consultations are mandatory for first time clients before booking any appointment (including installations).The cost of your consultation will be credited towards your first service. During this time we will discuss hair goals and current issues.

30m $150.00 Book now

Natural Coils

1h 30m $65.00+ Book now

Natural Style

1h 30m $65.00+ Book now

Natural Flexi Rods

1h 30m $85.00 Book now

Natural Perm Rods

1h 30m $65.00 Book now

Shampoo & Finish

Natural Hair Curly or Coarse

2h 30m $65.00+ Book now

Silk Press (HOT COMB)

This technique is done with an old school HOT COMB.

1h 30m $85.00+ Book now

Shampoo Finish & Closure Re-Stitch

Your closure is removed, reattached with a shampoo and finish

3h 45m $105.00 Book now


30m $15.00 Book now

Steamed Hot Essential Oil Treatment

Please inform me if are allergic to raw oils.

45m $30.00 Book now

Protein Treatment

This service is for extremely dry breaking hair. PROTIENS BUILD STRENGTH.

15m $30.00 Book now

Cholesterol Treatment

Tea Tree Oil and Cholesterol Scalp and Hair Treatment. 4 sections of hair are taken similar to doing a relaxer where then oil and cholesterol are brushed through with a boar bristle brush. This procedure adds shine to the hair strands and also creates a healthy environment for hair to grow.

45m $25.00 Book now

Hair Cut

2h 15m $35.00 Book now
45m $35.00+ Book now

Scalp Exfoliation

45m $85.00 Book now

Moisture Treatment

30m $30.00 Book now
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Cornrow Updo

2h $120.00+ Book now

Tribal Braids with Design and Hair added

7h $225.00 Book now

Lock Braid Designs

1h 45m $50.00 Book now


5h $150.00 Book now

Cornrows w extension hair Feed-in

2h $75.00 Book now

Inside Braid w Hair Added

1h 30m $75.00 Book now

Knotless Braids Small

7h $350.00+ Book now

Cornrow Updo Small Braids

5h 30m $150.00+ Book now

Stitch Braids XSmall

8h 30m $325.00+ Book now

Braiding Hair 4 jumbo packs

30m $30.00 Book now
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Natural hair styles

Wet Halo

45m $65.00 Book now

Bantu Knots

45m $65.00+ Book now

Unique Styling Updo

1h 30m $65.00+ Book now


Cornrow styles are flat French braids without hair added

4h $75.00 Book now
45m $75.00+ Book now

Roller Set

1h 30m $75.00 Book now

Rod Set

1h 30m $75.00+ Book now

Flat Twist

The hair is flat twisted to the scalp like cornrows then set on the ends with flexirods.

1h 30m $85.00 Book now
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Semi permanent color that deposits color but does not lift.

30m $15.00 Book now

Lift and Deposit Double Process

Lift the hair to a lighter level then tone for desired color effect.

1h 15m $95.00 Book now

Cellophane / Clear Rinse

1h $45.00 Book now

Virgin full head color with finish

2h 30m $230.00+ Book now

Under color

45m $90.00 Book now

Blonde Without Bleach

1h 45m $90.00+ Book now

Tips Only

This is a color shoe shine process done on short hair.

45m $45.00+ Book now

Bundles of Color

Two Bundles are included in this price. Extra bundles are $40 each.

2h 30m $95.00+ Book now

Full Highlight

Full head of single processed highlights

45m $120.00 Book now

Cellophane Rinse

15m $20.00 Book now

Partial Highlights

Single process bleach or color highlight

30m $60.00 Book now

Double Process Touch Up

1h 15m $75.00 Book now

Slices of Color

$10 per foil

45m $10.00 Book now

Single Process Color

Entire head one application

30m $75.00 Book now

Single Process Touch Up

Roots only

30m $45.00 Book now

Test Strand Bleach/Color

45m $20.00 Book now

Test Strand Uncolor

Color Remover Test. E.g Your hair is black and you want to go blonde. We will test to see how your hair reacts to the color remover.

45m $25.00 Book now


1h $60.00 Book now


1h 30m $80.00 Book now
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Hair For Purchase

Silk Base Closure Piece

Hair for Sale

15m $165.00+ Book now

Lace Base Closure Piece

15m $145.00 Book now

Premium Hair 14-16" wavy

15m $173.00 Book now

Premium 18-20" wavy

15m $192.00 Book now


Closure Restitching

I do not glue closures...unless a client is suffering from hairloss that will not return like androgenic alopecia. Most often I use a stitch braid technique that can be removed and restitched every three weeks.

30m $50.00 Book now

Take down

Sew in take down-this service includes a trim and a conditioning reconstructor.

2h 15m $75.00 Book now
5h $75.00 Book now
2h 30m $75.00+ Book now

Quick Sew

1 month sew in for the lady that doesn't want to commit to a three month installation.

3h $225.00+ Book now

Microlinks Extensions

2h $250.00 Book now

Partial Micro Link

4h $200.00 Book now


This method is also called the Malaysian this method the links serve as the base for the weave and not braids. This is a braidless weave method. Great for the girl who dislikes braids and would like for her hair to lay as flat as possible.

5h $275.00 Book now
3h $275.00+ Book now

Full Lace Wig

Adjustable full Lace wig in all textures and lengths. Consultation and Wig Fitting required.

3h $325.00+ Book now

Tape and Paste

Tape and Paste uses no glue and no braids. Hair comes ready made...and requires a 3 day shipping.

45m $99.00+ Book now

Install Deposit $175

Choose this to pay your appointment deposit. Always book this for the next available weekday. If we have discussed your date come here and choose the next available date e.g Today is Monday: Book a Deposit Service for the next day Tuesday.

15m $175.00+ Book now

Wig Fitting

45m $30.00 Book now

Length and Fullness Install

7h $400.00 Book now

Detachable Sew-In Weave

2h 45m $400.00 Book now


2h $45.00 Book now

Clip Ins

15m $25.00 Book now
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1h 30m $120.00 Book now


1h 45m $80.00 Book now

Trichology Services

Blood Type Testing

1h 15m $150.00 Book now

Compass Screening

1h 30m $150.00 Book now

Scalp Treatment

1h $75.00 Book now

Scalp and Hair Analysis

Microscopic Hair And Scalp Analysis. Performed with a Tricoloscope that magnifies hair up to 200x. This in depth consultation will allow us to determine your hairs condition and recommend a regime to improve the condition if needed.

1h 30m $145.00 Book now

Body Compass

15m $150.00 Book now

High Frequency Treament

Used to promote healthier hair growth, high frequency treatment involves the application of low level electrical current to the scalp which naturally revitalizes dormant hair follicles by increasing blood circulation and encouraging cellular turnover

45m $50.00 Book now
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Surgical Hair Restoration

Scalp Evaluation

1h 30m $150.00 Book now


Strip Eyelash Extension Application

False Strip Human Hair Eyelash applied with Duo Adhesive Glue.

15m $10.00 Book now


Girls Night Out Eyes Only

Concealer, Eyeshadow, Brow work, Strip Lashes.

45m $35.00 Book now


Travel Fee

1h $70.00 Book now



15m $10.00 Book now

Full Arm

30m $35.00 Book now

Full Brazilian

15m $50.00 Book now

Full leg

45m $70.00 Book now


30m $15.00+ Book now

Half Arm

30m $25.00 Book now


Basic leg wax

30m $35.00 Book now


15m $15.00 Book now


15m $20.00 Book now
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Our work

Reviews (249)

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  1. Arianna avatar

    Arianna B.

    Great experience every appointment! My hair is thicker and longer because of her knowledge,and technique. She's also the first stylist to give me a sew-in that didn't end with a headache/sleepless night.

  2. Robbie avatar

    Robbie A.

    Always a pleasure! Jae is super talented and a consummate professional. One of the best stylist in the city hands down!

  3. Cydney avatar

    Cydney B.

    This was an amazing experience. I was ready to book my next appointment for she finished. I’m natural and have s time with finding do one who is gentle but can style my hair. She did both! I always thought I just never outgrew being tender headed but I could have slept in her chair. She gave great advice on how to better grow my hair with honest feedback about my hairs current state. So glad I found her. Will most definitely return!

  4. Kennedi avatar

    Kennedi C.


  5. Val avatar

    Val K.



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