Ultrasonic cavitation
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  • Synergy Salon

    12.1 mi 13447 S Cicero Ave, A, Crestwood

    Body Sculpting/Ultrasonic Cavitation

    Please drink 1.5 liters of water before your appointment and avoid eating 1 hour prior. Trained professional treats problem areas with an ultrasonic device, which emits low-frequency sound waves that burst fat cells to help drain their contents. Typical treatment areas include most areas where excess fat is stored, including the abdomen, love handles, thighs, buttocks, upper arms, and chin.

    Lymphatic massage

    Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massages promote drainage into the lymph nodes and reduce swelling. Cosmetic surgeries all produce swelling to some extent because it is part of the body’s normal healing process. Some cosmetic surgeries, such as liposuction procedures and tummy tucks, disrupt the natural pathways taken by the lymphatic system because of the location of the surgery because of the extensive areas of disruption, tummy tucks and liposuction procedures are usually the cosmetic surgeries with the greatest amount of lymphatic swelling. When the lymph drifts out into surrounding tissue after a surgical procedure it disrupts the normal lymphatic pathways, swelling is the result, but massages are one way to combat this problem.
  • Jay Luxe Styles

    19.2 mi S Indiana Ave, 3706, Branding You Salon, Chicago, 60653

    8-10 Braids


    Half up Half down Quick Weave w/braids


    Frontal Sew-In

  • Styles By Jessica @ Salon 6 One 7

    17.0 mi 1614 E 53rd St, Suite #25, Chicago, 60615

    Avlon Texture Release System

    Texture Release™ System is heat activated with amino acids and conditioning agents which go deep into the hair fibers to enable styling versatility. This allows the client to have optional textural change with increased combing manageability. This system was formulated for excessively curly hair that needs moisture & conditioners with special attention to the scalp. Book today for this introductory pricing. Limited Time only!

    Keratin Treatment

    Do you want to eliminate frizz, increase manageability, repair damage and have noticeably softer hair with luminous shine? This treatment is for you. The NKTS Keratin Complex system lasts up to 5 months (with Maintenance products)


    Let's talk, this is a 1 on 1 face to face conversation about hair, your hair. I want to hear about your issues, goals, wishes etc., so schedule your one on one today and let's talk about it Your prepayment goes toward your future appointment