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Between selecting the beautiful wedding dress, finding the ideal venue to host your wedding, and picking the right decorations to tie it all together, wedding planning can be exciting but can also get extremely hectic. And as your wedding date gets closer, you won’t want to leave anything for the last minute, especially not your wedding makeup! Like all other aspects of wedding planning, settling on that perfect wedding makeup look can take time—so you’ll want to plan ahead and speak with a makeup artist sooner than later. And it’s never too early to start your search! On Booksy, you’ll be able to view a wide variety of makeup artists that offer wedding makeup in New York City and book an appointment (totally online) with the artist of your choice. What is wedding makeup and how does it work? Wedding makeup, also known as bridal makeup, is simply makeup that is specifically done for the purpose of your wedding day. Makeup artists that specialize in wedding makeup will be able to recommend you a variety of different looks that will make you both look and feel great on your big day—especially if you’re not sure which route to take in terms of style. The majority of cosmetic products used for wedding makeup are the same makeup products that you can use on a daily basis. The difference, however, is that makeup artists will be able to efficiently apply the cosmetics in a way that they’ll last throughout the entirety of your wedding. Because of this, typically heavier cosmetics are used, which ensures a long-lasting effect that won’t wear off between the ceremony and the reception. Not only is wedding makeup meant to last, but another plus is that it’ll ensure you look your best in photographs. Obviously, most weddings will have plenty of photo opportunities, and as the bride, you’ll definitely be in the limelight—so by booking a wedding makeup service, you won’t need to worry about looking anything less than perfect on pictures.  How do I choose the best service for wedding makeup in New York City?  Wedding planning can come with a lengthy list of things to stress about—but wedding makeup shouldn’t be one of them if you’re scheduling your appointment with Booksy. Appointment scheduling has never been easier and knowing how busy brides can be, we recommend downloading the Booksy application so that you can even book your wedding makeup appointment on the go. To find the best service for wedding makeup in New York City, head over to the Booksy homepage and input your information into the search fields. When your results have been generated, feel free to browse through your options and check out the reviews associated with each one. If you’re still not sure which merchant to choose, our “Sort by” button will be of assistance! This will let you sort your listings by “Recommended by Booksy” or “Top Reviewed”. How do I find businesses that offer wedding makeup services open now? Curious about which businesses are open right now? Take a look at your options on Booksy! There are two ways of viewing which services are open now—let’s start with the simplest. When inputting your information into the search fields, select an appointment time that is closest to the current local time and date. This will instantly allow you to view a selection of salons that offer wedding makeup in New York City open now! The other way is to input any preferred appointment time into our search engine and browse through your results. While browsing, you can click each listing to view that merchant’s hours of operation. Wedding makeup near me Booksy can help you with locating a wedding makeup specialist nearby! Using your smartphone or computer, use the search engine bar to complete the required fields. Be sure to fill in the service you’re wanting to schedule an appointment for (wedding makeup), where you are currently located (New York City), as well as an appointment time that works best for you. Once you’ve done so, just browse through your results and book your choice! All results should be relevant to your local area, however, you can break it down a step further by selecting the “Filters and Localization” tool.   Articles Wedding Makeup Ideas Wedding Pedicure Designs Wedding Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair 10 Wedding Hairstyles For Short Hair 10 Stunning Wedding Hairstyles Wedding Manicure