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5 ways to maximise your revenue during the festive season


Winter holidays are getting closer and closer, and as a salon owner, you know only too well that your busiest season is just around the corner. So let’s recap everything you can do during the festive season to maximise your profits and ensure your clients' loyalty for the year ahead.

1. Set clear and detailed opening times

During busy seasons, it’s even more important to be very transparent about your working hours - especially if there are holidays involved. Your clients must know when they can try to book their visit and when you are no longer able to accommodate them.

  • Using Booksy, book yourself out the time you need.
  • Notify clients that Christmas bookings are open using Booksy’s Message Blast and your social media channels.
  • Encourage your clients to schedule their appointments 24/7 via the Booksy app. This way, you won’t have to answer their calls, which will save you a lot of time.
  • Maximise your capacity by asking clients to join your Waitlist. If they can no longer find free slots that fit them, they can always join your Waitlist via the Booksy app. If it happens that another customer gives up their spot, they will get their appointment and you won’t lose any revenue.
  • Consider opening late one or two nights per week and charging more for the privilege. You may be surprised how many people are willing to pay a little more to get their hair, nails or beard done before Christmas!

2. Maximise cross-selling opportunities

Around Christmas time, clients are more than ever willing to splurge on themselves and their loved ones. This is an ideal moment to engage in cross-selling and up-selling.

  • Offer Gift Cards and promote them using Booksy’s Message Blast and your social media channels. Many of your customers are desperately looking for gift ideas and you can easily capitalise on that, offering them a perfect solution.
  • Create Gift packages or Gift sets, either by combining services or products that can be purchased as a present. Gift packages could generate new clients for the new year, while gift sets will drive increased revenue per client - without too much additional effort. 
  • Get your staff behind these cross-selling opportunities by engaging them to sell them and incentivising them where possible. Promote these gifting offers via Booksy’s Message Blast and your social media channels to get the word out.

3. Minimise cancellations and no-shows

With holidays right around the corner, every appointment is worth its (metaphorical) weight in gold. You cannot afford to waste time and money with late cancellations and no-shows when there are so many people that would gladly take their spots!

  • Using Booksy, set up appointment reminders. Did you know that they help to reduce no-shows by up to 70%?
  • Charge upfront or take deposits.

4. Promote your business

With people feverishly looking for an available hairstylist or beautician all around town, there’s a chance of picking up new clients from those struggling to see their regular provider. If you prove to be the excellent specialist you are, offering outstanding customer service, you may gain new regulars!

  • Use Booksy’s Boost to help you get discovered by new potential clients
  • Update your profile with a seasonal theme to make sure it stands out from the crowd. Don’t forget to promote it all over your social media!

Do you want to learn more about attracting new clients during wintertime? Check our article!

5. Have fun and create a Christmas vibe

Do you know why people love to visit health & beauty salons during the holiday season? Yes, they want to look their best for the festivities, and yes, they want to purchase something special for their nearest and dearest. But they also want to wind down and relax, as Christmas preparations can be quite draining, and enjoy a little bit of the holiday magic while someone pampers them. Don’t skip on the Christmas vibe in your salon - as it can become one of your selling points during the holiday season!

  • Remember - Christmas should be about fun and that should translate to happy staff and happy customers. Make sure your staff are not overworked and appreciate them for their hard work. If they are satisfied with their job, they will perform better, and if they perform better, your customers will notice and be more likely to come back.
  • You can arrange a Secret Santa for the team to keep them feeling the festive spirit. Remember, you and your employees are important and your well-being should be your priority! Check our article on how to be less stressed during this busy time.
  • Organise a Christmas party, even in January, for everyone to look forward to. It will strengthen the team spirit and make it easier to get through the busy season!

…and when you feel ready to think about what comes after the busy season, make sure to check our tips on how to prepare your salon for post-holiday slow days.

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