Attracting clients to your reopening


Attracting clients to your reopening

Reopening your hair or beauty business after another lockdown is a dream come true. Salons, home-based and mobile specialists have been waiting in anticipation ever since the lockdown was enforced, and their clients even more so. Appointment books are filling up like crazy and stylists and beauticians are rejoicing - but not everyone is satisfied with the number of bookings for their reopening. A knee-jerk reaction to this situation is obviously looking for ways to attract clients. So what can you do to encourage more bookings during this time? Well, we’ve asked some of our users how they’re responding, and here’s what we’ve learned.

Make clients feel safe

It’s not only salon owners and staff that are afraid to go back to work - customers are beginning to have second thoughts about getting treated during your reopening. Put yourself in their shoes - they know that you’re going to be busy on reopening day, and the days that follow. They can already imagine people frantically rushing to the salon in order to secure their spot in line, and obviously increasing the possibility of a COVID-19 outbreak. So, instead of booking the first week or two after your reopening, appointments might start to dribble in at a later time - after all, your customers are already used to hair and beauty DIY hacks, so what difference will a week or two make for them?

If, however, you notice a substantial number of empty appointment slots when nearing your reopening date, you may want to act fast in filling them in. Clients who are looking to book a visit sometime after your reopening might reconsider if they feel that you’re taking the right precautions in ensuring their safety. Chances are they aren’t well-informed about strict reopening protocols that have gone into effect in your business - instead, they might imagine quick in-and-out servicing of dozens of customers, a jam-packed waiting room and a sloppy chair wipe after each treatment. In this case, time is of the essence, and you should be informing clients about the precautions you’ve taken to guarantee their safety. On your social media fan pages, website, and booking page, share information on your spacing and disinfecting protocols that you’ve implemented, and how these changes will ensure clients’ safety.

If you feel that this isn’t enough, inform them of your mandatory health screening questionnaire that must be filled out prior to each appointment. If you use hair and beauty management software like Booksy, you can send a COVID-19 disclaimer form straight to your clients' booking apps, right after they book an appointment. Once they fill out and sign the form, you will see it in their individual records. Things required by law (UK and Ireland), such as whether a client has been in the presence of someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19, are included in the form. Customers will be able to rest easy, knowing that you hold their health in the highest regard.

More benefits

Did you know that your grand reopening is also the perfect time to attract new customers? You’re not the only hair and beauty business that’s reopening once the lockdown is lifted - your competition is preparing marketing campaigns and offers even while you’re reading this article! But the thing is - what happens when their appointment slots fill up? Their clients will have to go elsewhere to get their hair and beauty treatments done - and that’s where you come in. It’s far less expensive to retain loyal customers than it is to gain new ones, but with the lockdown being lifted off of hair and beauty businesses, you have the perfect opportunity to attract new loyal customers.

To do so, consider selling discounted packages of treatments or gift vouchers to new customers, tying your first-time clients to your business for longer. Those who purchase them will be able to utilise them whenever they see fit.

A unique reopening

Obviously, your reopening is going to include facemasks, aprons and disinfectants. However, there are a number of ways you can get creative with your reopening, which will help to fill up your appointment book in no time! Here are some great ideas you may want to try:

  • A hygiene “party” - clients who book a slot during the first week of your reopening will receive a free sanitation kit, which will include a bottle of non-irritating hand sanitiser, disinfecting wipes, gloves, and other hygienic products to keep clients from overstressing about the epidemic.
  • New treatments and products - if you’ve been planning on introducing a new treatment or product into your menu, now would be an opportune time to do so - especially if backed by demand from your customers.

Although these ideas sound appealing to your target audience, they won’t help to attract them to your reopening if they aren’t being promoted effectively. To get the word out about your unique reopening, you should utilise a number of different means of communication, namely your social media fan pages, website, online booking page and direct messaging. Each of these mediums helps to get the word out about your business’s reopening, however, a direct notification in text, push message or email format is more likely to be read by your clients.

Being there for your clients

The most essential part of attracting clients to your reopening might not seem so direct. Sure, revamping your business’s interior, introducing new treatments and even having reopening offers is great, but nothing works better than simply being in touch with your customers. During the lockdown, it’s important that you regularly post on social media, asking clients how they’re faring and what they’re doing to pass the time. Additionally, sending each of them a direct and heartwarming text or email will show that you care about them and can’t wait to have them back in your salon. A business built on positive emotions will prosper even through difficult times - and no discount can replace that!

Your reopening can truly be magnificent if everything is planned accordingly - by ensuring customer safety, getting creative with your reopening and simply being there for your clients, you can rest easy, knowing that your reopening is going to be phenomenal!

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