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Massage – the first appointment

Massage – the first appointment


How to prepare for a massage? What to expect during the treatment? Learn what to do so that the massage is effective and brings the desired results!

If you’ve never had a professional massage, you’ll surely love it from the first time. You should just remember about a few things that will allow you to fully enjoy this moment of relaxation.

Massage – which kind should I choose?

If you’re going to have a massage, first you should ask yourself what it is that you expect from it – do you want to relax and unwind? If so, a relaxation massage (with hot stones) is a solution for you. Or maybe you suffer from back pain and want a relief? In that case, a therapeutic massage is what you need. Want to firm your body up? Choose a slimming massage (e.g. Chinese cupping).

How should I prepare for the massage? – rules

Take a shower or a hot bath before the massage – you’ll wash off all the previously used cosmetics. Tying your hair up is a necessity if you want to avoid getting oil on them. Take off your jewelry: rings, necklaces, even earrings. It will help the masseur/masseuse to perform the massage well. If you are getting a facial massage too, remember to remove whole makeup.

How does the treatment look like?

At the beginning the masseur/masseuse will ask you some health-related questions in order to determine whether there are no contraindications to massage. They will also interview you about your needs and expectations so that they can adjust the treatment well. After that you’ll be asked to change to the disposable underwear (thongs) that you’ll be given on the spot. When you’re ready, lie down and cover yourself with a towel. The masseur/masseuse will uncover the parts that will be massaged. Remember, if you feel uncomfortable, the massage is too hard or too soft, or you’re cold, you have the right to tell your masseur/masseuse about that. The therapist will surely do their best so that you feel fully comfortable during the treatment.

After the massage…

When the massage is over, you’ll be asked to lie for several minutes (about 10) in order to restore the organism’s strength and balance. You shouldn’t go outside shortly after the treatment, especially in fall or winter, because the hot body can easily catch a cold.