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Balayage in Wakefield

Foil highlighting techniques were first introduced in the 1980s, but it wasn’t until the 90s that balayage would gain popularity. The style has reigned supreme to date, which is why there are so many salons offering the service in Wakefield. But how exactly can you choose one place from such a large pool of options? The answer is Booksy. With our booking service, you will be able to search for different businesses offering balayage services in the city. After that, you can check their business details and determine whether they would meet your needs. Once you find a good salon, you can go ahead and book an appointment.

Book balayage appointment online in Wakefield

With Booksy, you can book balayage appointments conveniently. You only need to open the business page of the salon and check the details of the service. If you think they will do a good job, you can go ahead and book the appointment. To do this, you have to scroll to the foot of the business page, where you will see the option of booking appointments. On the booking form, you will be required to add information on the time you want to go for the service, as well as the date. Some merchants will also ask you to choose the specialist who will work on your hair, and this will usually not affect the price. Also, you can add details on any other service you may want to get at the salon.

Not sure what does a balayage specialist do?

A balayage specialist simply aims at highlighting hair with a graduated and natural-looking effect. With this hair colour technique, the highlights will be hand-painted on random sections of your hair. When you first arrive at the salon, you will get a free consultation, where you have to reveal what look you are going for. If you can get a photo of the style you intend to get, you should bring it for the consultation. The specialist will then mix the custom colours and start painting the hair. The process should take between 30 minutes and 60 minutes, depending on the length of your hair and the look you’re going for. During the painting process, the specialist may have to wrap your hair in foil or saran wrap. Next, you will have to let the highlights process, and this can take about 55 minutes. At this time, you can read magazines, drink some wine, or scroll various social media pages. Once it is processed, the specialist will have to apply toner to your hair, and this should process in up to 20 minutes. The specialist will then let the treatment sit on your hair for about ten minutes.

How to choose the best balayage specialist in Wakefield?

Booksy is an excellent booking service. It allows you to select the best place for balayage nearby in Wakefield since you can use it to compare client reviews. In fact, you can sort the salons based on the number of client reviews. With this option, you will be able to prioritize businesses that have been reviewed a lot, and you will then get a good idea of the quality of the service. You should also pay attention to the client ratings since they indicate whether the clients have received value for money.

How much does a balayage specialist cost?

Balayage specialists don’t come cheap, but the prices will vary depending on factors such as location, salon, and the stylists. If you just want the stylist to top up your balayage on the sides and top, you will need to pay about £30. A cheap balayage treatment will cost a minimum of £50, and this will increase with additional services such as root melt and cuts. The most expensive balayage services in Wakefield will cost you more than £140.

How to find balayage specialists open now?

You can use Booksy to find balayage specialists who are open right now. You will just need to sign in to the website or app and search for balayage services in Wakefield. In addition, you should add the time of your appointment in the search bar, and the platform will generate results that match your query. You should remember that Booksy includes all the essential business details of the salons, including their operating hours.

Cheap balayage specialist in Wakefield

If you want to find a cheap balayage specialist in the city, you will need to look at the prices on the right side of the site. Scroll down the search results page to get an idea of the prices so that you determine which salon would fit your budget. On the lower end, you should pay about £50, but for top-ups, you should be able to pay even less.

Specialist near me/you

When looking for a balayage near you, it is essential to search on Many reputable businesses are listed on the website, and past clients have left lots of reviews of the salons. Before confirming your booking, you can even look up the address of the business and determine how far it is from you. Sign up on our website today to book a balayage service in Wakefield.