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  • Taran K Beauty

    9.3 mi 306 The Greenhouse, Gibb Street, The Custard Factory, B9 4DP, Birmingham

    Aromatherapy Body Massage - Relaxation & Destress

    Revives the mind and body to provide a sense of well-being, helping to awaken the body and invigorate whilst energising, relieving stress and reducing tension

    Express Body Massage

    A quick pick me up to help destress and relax your muscles. This treatment can also be focused on a particular concern area too!

    Full Face Wax

    Including eyebrow shape, upper lip, sideburns, chin and cheek area
  • Celestial Touch Beauty And Aesthetics

    14.1 mi 145a Stratford Road Shirley, Above Laptop Shop (Enter through door & stairs), B90 3AX, Solihull

    Swedish Body Massage

    Helps to calm nervous system and promote a sense of relaxation and wellbeing, reducing anxiety and tension in the body, which has been known to help relieve depression. Swedish massages improve blood circulation, which helps you feel more energetic by increasing the flow of nutrient-rich oxygen to the muscles in your body. Additionally, it stimulates the lymphatic system, which carries the body's waste products, meaning you'll process the good and the bad much quicker


    The price of consultation is deductible from your chosen treatment

    Warts Removal

  • Traveling service


    5.0 mi 25 Acfold Road, Handsworth Wood, B20 1HD, Birmingham

    Four Hand Body Massage

    Full Body Massage Consists Of Two Therapists Synchronising A Massage Technique To Both Sides Of The Body Simultaneously So Client Can Enjoy A Luxurious Relaxing Or Swedish Massage

    Reiki/Energy Healing

    30 Minutes

    Reiki/Energy Healing

    One Hour
  • Hollywood Beauty & Skin Therapy

    14.4 mi 70 Alcester Road, Hollywood., B47 5NB, Birmingham

    Aromatherapy body massage

    Enjoy an all-natural, sense-seducing escape from the everyday world. Chosen from our special selection of aromatherapy essential oils designed to enhance relaxation and balance. Unique light massage techniques that will leave you feeling your best.

    Consultation for Laser Hair removal treatment

    In depth consultation for requiring Laser Hair removal treatment. Fees for this appointment is fully refunded on the time of your appointment.