Manual Therapy in Iver, England (2)

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  • Mobile service

    Lash and Brow Studio

    7.6 mi 71 Avondale Gardens, TW4 5EU, Hounslow, Hounslow

    Iv therapy Mayer cocktail

    1h 30min

    Henna Brow


    Sunday service £20 extra

  • Raembla

    17.4 mi Studley Road, London

    Healing with Reiki

    Relax your body, calm your mind and free your spirit with this healing Reiki treatment to awake the natural energy flow in your body. We will finish with a head and neck massage activation with essential oils.
    1h 30min

    Treatment Plan - Pack 5 Sessions

    1h 30min

    Reiki for Stress, Depression or Trauma

    This is a beautiful and deep therapy with guided meditation, visualisation and Reiki symbology to unlock memories, traumas or emotional issues and heal them. Reiki promotes healing by activating the relaxation response, helping the body, mind and spirit to balance itself from very deep level.
    1h 30min