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  • Priory Road Aesthetic and Beauty Clinic

    809 m 369 Priory Road, TN34 3NW, Hastings

    Retinol Therapy


    Dry/Sensitive Skin Therapy

    A mild exfoliating treatment for sensitive and capillary skin that can be used throughout the year. This facial combines the benefits of Lactobionic acid and Vitamin C to regenerate, renew and brighten the skin. It reduces redness and irritation, strengthens blood vessels and ensures long-lasting moisturization. Recommendations  Dry, dehydrated, flaky skin Sensitive, capillary skin Easily irritated skin Mature, aging skin with wrinkles Accelerated skin regeneration after deep chemical peels Rosacea, seborrheic dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis Effects Smoother, moisturized skin Reduces redness and irritation Reduces erythema Strengthens blood vessels Soothes skin