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  • SkinDerm Clinic & Academy

    1.3 mi 590 Stoney Stanton Road, CV6 5FS, Coventry

    Microneedle Mesotherapy

    Microneedle mesotherapy is based on a deep, intense and very thick puncture of the face area or other parts of the body that we want to undergo remodeling. Microneedle mesotherapy can be used with any type of skin, also when the skin is very thin and delicate. FOR WHO IS AN MICRO-ORGAN MESOTHERAPY? For anyone whose ; * Liquidation of fine wrinkles * Improved skin quality (density and flexibility) * Alignment of skin tone * Gentle leveling of the skin surface * Giving the skin glow and smoothness * Restoring the right voltage * Improving the face oval * Moisturizing * Reduction of scars and stretch marks CONTRAINDICATIONS * Pregnancy and lactation period * Active skin inflammation, infections * Allergy to the ingredients of the preparation * Viral, fungal and bacterial infections * Outsults, erosions * Decreased blood clotting and taking medicines that reduce blood clotting * Derivative therapy wit. A - 6 months after the end of treatment * The tendency to the formation of keloids * Surgical procedures performed within the surgical site (up to 3 months) * Cancers * Autoimmune diseases (eg MS, psoriasis, vitiligo) * Epilation (month), shaving (24 hours) of the treated area In order to obtain the most satisfactory results, microneedle mesotherapy should be performed at least 5 times, at intervals of approximately 10 days, and at the end of a given series, to maintain results - repeated once a month * the price depends on the product used

    Needle Mesotherapy / Mezoterapia igłowa - Course o

    Needle Mesotherapy / Mezoterapia igłowa - Course of 3 treatments

    Needle Mesotherapy / Mezoterapia igłowa - 1 treatm

    Needle Mesotherapy involves injecting specific anti-ageing products into the middle layer of the skin, containing vitamins, minerals, hyaluronic acid all in its pure form. Cosmetic-aesthetic mesotherapy is performed in a series of 3, with a few top up treatments a year. Depending on the preparation used, needle mesotherapy is the most effective method for: -skin revitalising -reducing lines and wrinkles -preventing hair loss -anti-ageing -reducing UV damage -anti acne -mesotherapy can also remove cellulite and reduce the fatty tissue Mesotherapy is used to rebuild, nourish and revitalise the skin of face and body. It is also used in the treatment of stretch marks as well as firming, moisturising and rejuvenating the body. It brings excellent results in the prevention of baldness. Indications for Mesotherapy: Ageing skin- it improves firmness, elasticity, tones and moisturises the skin. It smooths fine lines and wrinkles and improves the face contour. Cellulite and stretch marks- mesotherapy gives very good results in combined therapy with massage or endermology. It is recommended to perform 6 to 12 treatments within 2 months. Hair loss- the treatment improves microcirculation of the scalp, stimulating hair regeneration. Acne scars Contraindications: -allergy -pregnancy and breastfeeding -diabetes -skin inflammation -herpes virus -cancer -skin badly tolerating injections -the use of anticoagulants The skin after the procedure can be slightly red for a few days, but it will gradually fade.
  • Nu Asthetika

    16.3 mi 57 High Street, Hedshed, B14 7BH, Birmingham

    Mesotherapy Eye Contour

    Lightens the under eye and helps thicken the skin so the darkness from under doesn't show

    Mesotherapy PDRN


    Mesotherapy Depigmentation

  • Traveling service

    Laser SKiN Clinic

    35.4 mi 58 Clarendon Close, NN18 8DD, Corby

    Neddle Mesotherapy

    Meso Line AgeLine (hyaluronic acid, peptide mixture, vitamins B, E, C, amino acid complex) 5ml Meso Line SkinLine (vitamins, hyaluronic acid, tripeptide, amino acid complex) 5ml Medical Collagen 2ml

    Non-Needle Mesotherapy


    PRP Vampire Facelift Promo

  • Impress Aesthetics Birmingham

    17.6 mi Unit 20 Kenyon Forge, B18 6DH, Birmingham, England

    Pink Glow Mesotherapy


    Skin Brightening Mesotherapy


    Lumi Eyes (under eye mesotherapy treatment)

  • Tandis Hair & Beauty Queensway

    17.1 mi 2 Smallbrook Queensway, Tandis, B5 4EN, Birmingham, England


    Incredible with an amazing results! Smart Meso is a non - invasive breakthrough in transdermal technology delivering vitamins and nutrients deep into your skin for optimum effectiveness creating faster and improved results for rejuvenated, hydrated and healthier, firmer smoother skin. • DRAMATICALLY HYDRATES THE SKIN • STIMULATES COLLAGEN • IMPROVES THE SKIN ABSORPTION BY 84% • NON- INVASIVE AND PAIN FREE A full face - approximately- 45min. Recommended a course of 6 treatments taken regularly. Periodical maintenance treatments are advised for optimum result. The price of one treatment - £70 First visit - £45 Package of 6 treatments is - £360 ( each procedure- £60)

    Mens Haircut

    Hair to be clean and product free

    Wash, Cut & Style