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  • The Cupping Club

    11.0 mi 47 Speke Road Garston, L19 2NY, Liverpool



    Intolerance Test


    The Ultimate Rapid Recovery Package

    The ultimate recovery package is designed for your optimal recovery and health includes a recovery IV Vitamin Drip, Sports Massage and Cupping, and Finally our Compression Boots, giving you rapid recovery! It’s time to train like a beast!
  • The Body Clinic Liverpool

    12.0 mi 382 Aigburth Road, L19 3QD, Liverpool

    1:1 Matwork Pilates


    Pelvic Health Physiotherapy

    We provide expert assessment and specialist treatment for a variety of pelvic & women’s health conditions. If you suffer from any of the following: - Pelvic floor weakness - Overactive Pelvic Floor Muscles - Diastasis Rectus Abdominis (tummy gap) - Bladder problems such as leaking urine and/or urgency - Bowel problems such as faecal incontinence, difficulty emptying -bowels/constipation - Chronic Pelvic Pain conditions - Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP) - Coccyx pain - Dyspareunia/Vaginismus (painful intercourse) - Vulvodynia - Pelvic Organ Prolapse - Recovery from breast surgery - Recovery from abdominal or pelvic surgery Your first appointment will include an assessment of your problem by a female physiotherapist. This takes place in a private treatment room with a closed door where women feel more at ease when talking about a personal problem. You will be asked in detail about your problem and how it affects your everyday life and also about your medical history. Following a comprehensive assessment you will be offered a vaginal examination if this is indicated. As pelvic floor exercises are an essential part of the treatment for pelvic floor problems, it is important for both you and your physiotherapist to know that you are exercising the muscles in the correct way. We can find this out by performing a vaginal examination. We need your permission (or “consent”) before we can do this examination. Should you require further information prior to this appointment please contact Faye or Maria via email: thebodyclinicliv@gmail.com We are more than happy to discuss things further.

    Mummy MOT

    This is a specialist postnatal examination for women following both vaginal and caesarean deliveries. This examination will assess how your posture, pelvic floor muscles and stomach muscles are recovering after birth. I can check and help treat scar tissue formation following any tears, episiotomies or c-sections. This examination is completed by a HCPC registered Physiotherapist who specialises in Pelvic Health. We discuss and address any bladder and/or bowel issues, pelvic pain, treat any incontinence issues as well as any anxieties about returning to back sex or exercise following birth. We also treat any pain following your pregnancy associated with the pelvis or following any tears or c-sections. We have a new machine and treatment called Lymphatouch in our clinic which helps with scar tissue healing and lymphatic drainage following c-sections and episiotomies. Following this comprehensive assessment you will be provided with a treatment and rehab program specific to you and your goals. We can discuss long term goals and direct you on the right path to get there. This check is normally completed 6 weeks postnatally and to 6 years post birth. It’s a perfect opportunity to address any problems or even just talk about any anxieties or worries about your body following childbirth. It’s important you do the right things for you.
  • Danger Trimz & Co

    19.1 mi 220 west street, Danger Trimz & Co, CW1 3HN, Crewe

    The Don- Haircut -


    Hair n Beard over 14days


    The Usual (within 2 weeks)

    Want more time - comment if I know you don’t worry
  • Romeo The Barber

    15.0 mi 277 edge lane, the Fairfield, L7 9LD, Liverpool


    Your hair is a precious asset, so why would you want it cut in an off-putting manner? Our skilled barbers will take care of your look with the latest trends while making sure things are done in accordance with your preferences. For this package, we’re offering a brilliant skinfade session that will handle everything for you, tapered perfectly and catering for the sides and back just the way you want it. Book us now for guaranteed savings with Romeo the Barber.

    SkinFade with Beard

    Stop worrying about your hair and start enjoying the natural look of a fade. Get it done with the romeo barber for the best results possible. One thing is certain: our clients absolutely LOVE their fresh cuts as we’re so affordable yet still high quality in every way possible. For this package, we’re offering both a fade and a beard on the same appointment. This also has a general shape up included to ensure that things are smooth & sharpened out all across.


    If you’re a student or a family member of yours needs a cut that is specific to school or casual occasions, we can either go for something not too flashy or trendy, whatever you prefer. We'll get them looking sharp no matter what kind of style they want in their hair; whether it's casual yet formal enough at the same time - just ask us about all the different styles we offer. This package only includes a haircut.
  • Magdalena_Permanent Beauty

    17.4 mi City Road, 73, L4 5UW, Liverpool

    Patch Test (henna, lash lift, permanent makeup)


    PMU Remover


    Permanent Eyebrows

    POWDER & OMBRE, INSTA BROWS machine only (time: 3 hours) Top up: * 4 - 6 weeks * To 1 year  -50% from full price Special spread cream, FREE ♥️
    3h 30min
  • Darth Faders

    17.8 mi Unit 3b Watergate Arcade, SY13 1DP, Whitchurch

    Skin Fade


    Skin Fade & Beard Trim


    Standard Cut