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  • Monique Jansen Psychotherapy

    15.7 mi 96 Kensington High Street, Pavilion, W8 4SG, London, London

    Psychotherapy (Individual)

    Online service

    Couple Therapy


    Family Therapy

  • Traveling service

    Serenity Meadows Counselling and Psychotherapy

    28.6 mi The town, CM7 5SE, Braintree

    Mental health MOT

    This is meant as an emotional wellness check in. To see if you feel you could benefit from further sessions, or for referrals in the right direction.

    One off consultation

    Suitable for all. A general one off sion to talk about a specific issue or topic. Suitable for all
    Traveling service

    One off consultation

    A one of consultation to speak about a specific topic or issue. Suitable for everyone.
  • RayTrims

    12.3 mi Clear Cuts Hairdressers, 44 Plashet Road, E13 0PU, London, London

    Haircut & Beard

    Any style haircut and beard trim with a shave


    Any style haircut with razor blade shape up.

    Haircut & Beard + Enhancement

    Contrast your fade with the hair enhancement, ensuring a crisp shape up and beard line.
  • Hero Hypnotherapy

    17.5 mi 151-153 Clapham High St, Clapham Town, SW4 7SS, London, England, London

    Weight Management - Online Hypnotherapy

    Food should be an enjoyable pleasure but it can often cause us much frustration and unhappiness. Trying to lose weight and negotiate ourselves around the dinner table, social events or at the office can add extra, unwanted stress into the process. Many of us have felt the benefits of eating well and have been on diets or tried to lose weight at some point in our lives, possibly before a major event or a significant operation. However, some of us eat with our feelings and emotions and it can be very difficult to lose weight when this is the case. All too often our weight issues are related to emotional problems that are acted out through our relationship with food. Eating is often used as one of the coping mechanisms that we employ to deal with anxiety and unresolved issues. The reason we overeat may not at all be clear. And why this is so? Any motive that is capable of making one operate in ways that causes long term physical, emotional, social or mental discomfort is a motive that has, most likely, been well buried in order to avoid recognition. Even if we don’t like the result, it can be all too easy to eat as a way to feed or soothe our emotions or feel comfort, and some of us have been trained to always finish everything on our plate regardless of how full we are. Hypnotherapy works with the subconscious mind to address unwanted behaviours and associations with food, tackle the root emotional and subconscious causes of the weight gain and helps you understand your relationship with food, eat more mindfully and work towards achieving your ideal weight. It will assist you in reducing portion sizes so you can lose weight more steadily and healthily, teaching you how to feel good about yourself, whatever size you are while keeping you motivated. Hero Hypnotherapy recommends at least 7 sessions.

    Anger Management - Online Hypnotherapy

    I was angry with my friend/ I told my wrath, my wrath did end I was angry with my foe/ I told it not, my wrath did grow. The capacity for healthy expression of anger is fundamental to psychological health. We often feel anger when we are hurt, our boundaries have been violated or our needs are being ignored. Without anger people can’t stand up for themselves and are vulnerable to oppression and exploitation in all their relationships. It is when we are holding back our anger, suppressing or repressing it that can have a detrimental effect on our lives and of those around us. Suppression of anger over a long period of time may give rise to many physical and psychological symptoms including headaches and raised blood pressure, lack of energy, eating disorders, lethargy, hopelessness and depression. Anger can also leak out unexpectedly and turn into uncontrolled rage manifesting itself in temper tantrums and hostile verbal and sometimes physical attacks. Hypnotherapy helps people address their anger issues by assisting them in identifying automatic negative thought patterns and explore them back to their origins. We will explore the stuck and stagnant emotions, addressing the underlying causes of your anger enabling you to resolve the problem, move forward and keep your cool in situations that would previously have been triggers. Hero Hypnotherapy recommends at least 6 sessions.

    Confidence and Self Esteem - Online Hypnotherapy

    Lack of self esteem is a major problem for many people and it is a vast topic that has many causes that will interfere with a person’s life to a varying degree. If you have some feelings of self doubt, or in some way lack self confidence, you are not alone. These feelings, like a dense fog drift over nearly every one of us to some degree at various times. Self esteem is one of the fundamental influences in nearly everything you do. When your self esteem is low, almost all areas of your life – working, socialising, and loving – are made more difficult. Our self-esteem is based on a set of judgements we unconsciously make in relation to our value and worthiness in life and is therefore critical to our ability to live a happy and healthy life. All confidence and self-esteem issues arise because of the thoughts and feelings you have about yourself – in your own eyes and in the eyes of others. Hypnotherapy can help you access your subconscious mind for the purpose of clearing and re-programming the patterns of unhelpful beliefs and behaviours that have now become your barriers to finding self-worth. It can help you overcome any future negative self talk by improving of your self-image and preventing any negative input. Hypnotherapy is very powerful at boosting confidence, building self-esteem and self-worth, enabling you to feel genuinely empowered ,energised and to let go of whatever is holding you back and move forward towards the results you want.Hero Hypnotherapy recommends at least 4 sessions.
  • Fademaster Rilz

    12.9 mi 413 Barking Road, E6 2JX, London, England, London


    Faded To Perfection To The Highest Standard With The Sharpest Shape-Up You Will Ever Have


    Perfect Fade Alongside A Perfect Beard Line-Up!


    Haircut & Beard, Facial Scrub & Steamer! For Black Mask +£5
    1h 20min

    12.7 mi Barking, IG11 9DJ, London, England, Barking

    F R E E / C A R - P A R K I N G

    NO NEED TO BOOK THIS SERVICE IT IS ALREADY INCLUDED. Have the chance to ENJOY a beautiful haircut without being worried or distressed of paying for car parking. Here only at MONACO BARBER SHOP.


    The magical process of making straight hair to curly hair.⚡❤⚡. This service is only (PERM) which includes: [multiple washes, styling & blow dry with technical finishing perm products.] Other services are separate. CALL FOR MORE INFORMATION.


    This is a full haircut: sides & top hair. [LOW, MEDIUM, HIGH & TAPER] FADES. All of our haircut services include [styling & blow dry] with technical finishing hair products. We (OPEN 9am) and (CLOSE 8pm) last slot we give (7.20pm). After 8pm prices are different, pls book on the "AFTER CLOSING HOURS" section.
  • JENNIFER CYNTHIA- The Hairstylist

    11.3 mi Marvin Street, E8 1EP, London, London


    Please read before selecting this appointment Choose this option if Jennifer has never done your hair before. This is for a texture release or silk press done with luxury shampoo and deep conditioning on your own hair, with Styling to finish. Tape extensions/ Cut/treatment/colour included*(bring your own tape hair) To be considered send clear mages and videos of yourself and hair to Jennifer via email, remember to include your name, social media handles (include followers count) Your preferred appointment date and time. You must come prepared for pictures and videos to be taken at your appointment. You will also be required to promote your experience across your social media platforms. Influencer days are Mondays and Tuesdays only. f you book on another day your appointment will be automatically declined. Jennifer will not confirm your appointment until she has received the requirements above. This is appointment is subject to availability. This Influencer slot appointment is offered at a discounted price in exchange for promo across your social media platforms. You will not be paid any extra on the day and you will not be charged extra either. (CANCELLATION POLICY APPLIES) Email- jennifercynthiahair@gmail.com
    6h 30min
    6h 30min


    Please read below before you book Choose this option if Jennifer has never done your hair before. This is for Silk Press or Texture release. Please specify in your email. To be considered send clear mages and videos of yourself and hair to Jennifer via email, remember to include your name with the appointment date and time. Filming days are only on a Monday or Tuesday. If you book on another day your appointment will be automatically declined. Jennifer will not confirm your appointment until she has received the requirements above. This is appointment is subject to availability and may be cancelled by Jennifer at any time. This model slot appointment is a free service. You will received a refund if you show up for the shoot. (CANCELLATION POLICY APPLIES) Email- jennifercynthiahair@gmail.com
    6h 30min

    Quick Video consultation

    Thanks for choosing us! Consultation with Jennifer is available on a Monday at 8:30pm/8:45pm/9pm. Simply book this service on any day, leave your preferred Monday in the notes.