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  • Elegance By Ellen

    452 m 2 Bidwell Close, SG6 1QR, Letchworth


    A relaxing foot treatment that benefits the body massaging trigger points on the feet. The feet form a map of the body. Reflexology can access all the body systems. It treats the whole body for congestion or tenison by applying pressure to reflex point in the feet. Pressure point massage is used to disperse any tension or crystalline deposits held in the foot and the corresponding body tissues. The musculo-skeletal system relaxes, organs and glands are stimulated, and the blood and lymph circulation is improved so that released toxins can be eliminated.

    Head In The Clouds Massage

    NEW!! Now includes relaxing massage for back, neck & shoulders. Facial cleanse/mask. Face & head massage.

    Aroma Back Massage

    Back cleanse with heated mitts. Relaxing massage for back, neck & shoulders with scented aromatherapy oils.
  • Dodge Hair Stylist

    17.8 mi 42 North Street, CM23 2LR, Bishop's Stortford, England

    Cut & Blow dry


    Luxury Cut & Blow dry


    Blow dry