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  • Jazz Barbers (Hampden Park)

    1530 m 1 Brassey Ave, Hampden Park, Eastbourne, BN22 9NH, Eastbourne, England

    Gents Cut


    Skin Fades


    Seniors (Over 67's)

  • Angel Aesthetics UK

    12.4 mi 5 Bramber Avenue, BN10 8LR, Peacehaven

    Bronze 1 area 50% off first session

    1h 30min

    Silver 2 paddles 50% off first session

    1h 30min

    Silver Deluxe 3 paddles 50% off first session

    1h 30min
  • Relax in harmony Ltd

    15.4 mi 15 Burgess Road ivyhouse, Ivyhouse, TN35 4NR, Hastings


    Mini facial for cleanse exfoliate massage or mask moisturise to finish.
    Save up to 15%
    £44.00 £37.40

    Ko-bi-do Japanese Facial

    Our signature treatment loved by many! Consists of a special tecnique to lift and tone the contours of your face creating a natural face lift and reducing your skin age by 2 years in just one session! Incl steamed aromatherapy oils, manuka honey and a spiritual phrenology scalp massage.
    Save up to 15%
    £340.00 £289.00
    Course of 6
    + 1 more options

    Ko-bi- Gold

    New ko-bi-gold combines 2 traditions the initial ko-bi-do and then 24ct gold infused with enriched collagen and caviar to diminish all signs of aging and plumps your skin to how it was in your teens amazing!
    Save up to 15%
    £90.00 £76.50
    1h 30min
  • Mobile service

    Brighton Blushed

    18.6 mi 2, Pool Vally, BN1 1NJ, Brighton


    Multi-ingredient rejuvenating formula dedicated for skin with moderate signs of ageing. Cocktail enriched with 32mg/5ml of hyaluronic acid to quickly improve skin hydration and firmness, as well as to eliminate the first wrinkles and signs of ageing. Treatment Areas Under Eye Face Neck Neckline Hands Multi-ingredient rejuvenating formula dedicated for skin with moderate signs of ageing. This meso cocktail enriched with 32mg/5ml of hyaluronic acid is designed to quickly improve skin hydration and firmness, as well as to eliminate the first wrinkles and signs of ageing. INFINI Premium Meso M 532 is composed of hyaluronic acid and a rejuvenating complex, injectable by micro-injections into the superficial dermis of the face to treat: fine lines and wrinkles, dehydrated skin and lack of skin density and radiance. INFINI Premium Meso M 532 helps to delay the appearance of wrinkles and increases hydration, glow, and radiance. Amino acids and trace elements activate the regeneration of tissues and restore the epidermal arrier. Vitamins provide antioxidant activity and protection of the skin. The skin will be refreshed, have a rested appearance, and begin to radiate health from the inside. Amino acids: Alanine, Histidine, Isoleucine, Arginine, Proline, Glycine, Leucine, Lysine, Methionine, Thiamine, Phenylalanine, Serine, Threonine, Valine, Tryptophan, Glutamine, Adenosine Vitamins: Niacinamide, Pyridoxine, Thiamine, Inositol, Cyanocobalamin, Biotin Hyaluronic acid 32mg/5ml

    Aqualyx 2 chin removal treatments!

    Booksy Special This is a stand Alone offer for 2 treatments on chin !
    Save up to 5%
    £110.00 £104.50

    Vit -B

    Vit -B Corse of 2
  • The Powder Rooms

    11.1 mi Wylands Farm, Powdermill Lane, Unit 9, TN33 0SU, Battle

    Free Consultation


    Platysmal bands (neck)

    Platysmal bands are two vertical bands of muscle situated on both sides of our neck. They show the first signs of aging and result in saggy skin, double chins, or neck creases. Commonly referred to as “turkey neck,” the platysmal bands are the result of platysma contractions, the superficial muscle layer in the face and neck. What causes the platysmal bands continues to be a topic of research, but we do know that genetics, sun exposure, and improper skincare routine may have something to do with their appearance and loss of muscle tone in the neck. They can also be a result of clenching your teeth or stress, or even high-intensity workouts. Repetitive high-intensity movements and increased muscle activity may determine these free-floating muscles to come forward and become more visible. How to treat platysmal bands Since prevention is still difficult to achieve when it comes to neck age lines, the only thing left to do is their correction. While platysmal bands don’t pose any health risks, visible platysma bands are not exactly a pleasant sight. The most effective non-surgical treatment for platysma bands at this time is Botox. Botulinum toxin treatments have proved to restore a more youthful neck contour and, when used in combination with Kybella injections, can reduce the aspect of the double chin. Treating platysmal bands with botulinum toxin leads to reduced appearance of the platysma muscles by simply relaxing the neck muscles. The botulinum toxin injection paralyzes specific muscles in the neck allowing the skin to appear smoother and youthful without the need for surgical intervention. As the platysma muscles are relaxed, the vertical bands become less visible.

    Under arm (excessive sweating)

    Botox works by temporarily blocking the chemicals that signal it's time for your glands to produce sweat. It doesn't affect touch or sensation in the underarm area. You only need one office visit to complete Botox treatment for underarm sweating. The procedure typically involves 25 injections in each armpit
  • ES Cosmetic Studio

    6.9 mi 36 Chyngton Gardens, BN25 3RS, Seaford

    In person consultation

    £20 will be credited to any booked treatment after this consultation. This is reccomended for thoose with lots of questions or thoose wanting to discuss all the options before booking. The treatment can be booked in at the consultation but will not be completed on the same day! This is optional as another pre service consultation is always carried out on the day of treatment.


    Microblading is fine hairstrokes bladed through the brow for a soft natural look!

    Ombre/powder brows

    Ombre shading, can be soft or bold. Suits any skin type and is longer lasting than microblading. Gives a beautifully pixelated shading effect for a filled in or just tinted skin stain look behind clients own natural hair !
  • Hair To Stay & Mockridge Aesthetics

    14.3 mi 67 George Street, TN34 3EE, Hastings, England

    Dry Cut


    Blast dry


    Hair Up