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Lobe Piercing

15m $30.00+ Book now

Cartilage(Shen Men, Conch, Rook, Daith, Tragus)

15m $40.00+ Book now

Vertical Tragus

15m $50.00 Book now

Industrials (Vertical, standard)

15m $60.00+ Book now


15m $40.00 Book now


15m $50.00 Book now


15m $40.00 Book now


15m $50.00+ Book now


15m $50.00+ Book now

Oral(medusa, labret/ verticle, Angel Kiss, ect)

15m $50.00 Book now

Lip/ monroe

15m $40.00 Book now


15m $50.00 Book now


15m $50.00+ Book now


15m $50.00+ Book now

Female Intimate

20m $80.00+ Book now

Male Intimate

30m $90.00+ Book now

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  1. Catalina avatar

    Catalina B.

    Jade was amazing! She was very fast and professional. She addressed my concerns thoroughly and accurately. Apparently my piercing was in a painful spot, according to other people, but she was so fast and gentle it was just like one pinch. I got a little woozy and she was on top of taking care of me! She quickly got me a wet cloth, a sucker, and a glass of water. She waited paitently and kindly until i felt better. She didn't rush me out or anything like previous places i've gone. If I ever want anything else done I'm going to Jade for sure! Thank you!

    NeedleNinja 06/08/2019

    :) thank you!

  2. Kirstie avatar

    Kirstie S.

    Jade is very professional. She is helps ease anxieties. She takes a genuine interest in you and asks you questions. For as long as both of us are in Utah, she will be my go to piercer

  3. Monique avatar

    Monique G.

    I love my piercing, she was helpful and nice and overal great, definitely recommending 😆

  4. Dominique avatar

    Dominique S.

    Oh my gosh this place is incredible. I started out calling a ton of tattoo & piercing places in Ogden and im not kidding you NO ONE was polite until i called Legacy & the front desk receptionist was so so so nice and helped me out so much i knew if they have someone that sweet and professional at the front desk then its 100% worth it. Anyway i just met Jade today and hot damn im not kidding you shes amazing. I went in to get both my nipples pierced and my nose pierced, and at first i was sooo nervous but she was incredibly confident and made me honestly feel so comfortable. She was crazy quick and it didnt hurt as bad as i read it would. Maybe it's just because she's so professional and sooo nice and the fact shes amazing at her job and cares, but hands down i will never go anywhere else. I will always recommend Jade. AmaZing amazing amazing place.

  5. Katrina avatar

    Katrina C.

    Jade was amazing! She was nice and made me feel very comfortable and the process was fast, I was In and out in about 15-20 minutes but I never felt rushed or that she was in a hurry. And The shop was so nice. If I get anymore piercings I definitely know where I’m going!

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