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Lobe Piercing

15m $30.00+ Book now

Cartilage(Shen Men, Conch, Rook, Daith, Tragus)

15m $40.00+ Book now

Vertical Tragus

15m $50.00 Book now

Industrials (Vertical, standard)

15m $60.00+ Book now


15m $40.00 Book now


15m $40.00 Book now


15m $50.00+ Book now


15m $50.00+ Book now


15m $50.00+ Book now

Oral(medusa, labret/ verticle, Angel Kiss, ect)

15m $50.00 Book now

Lip/ monroe

15m $40.00 Book now


15m $50.00 Book now


15m $50.00+ Book now

Female Intimate

20m $80.00+ Book now

Male Intimate

15m $90.00+ Book now

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  1. Ariana avatar

    Ariana B.

    IT WAS SUCH AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE! Everything was super nice and neat and she was so fast! When I got there she had colors ready for me to choose from and she even had a “care sheet” so I know how to clean my piercing. Jade is AWESOME!! 10/10!! 5 stars! Everything!!!

  2. Katie avatar

    Katie T.

    Jade was AMAZING! I did lots of research prior to deciding to use Jade to pierce my daughter's ears. Jade was SO patient and answered all of my questions and walked me through the process and the benefits of needle piercings. Then on the day of our appointment Jade was so sweet with my nervous 6 year old. Jade walked her through what was going to happen and got her excited for her earrings. The piercing was so fast! My daughter didn't cry or anything! I am SO happy with the results, Jade is wonderful!

  3. Tayte avatar

    Tayte R.

    Jade is awesome! I’ve gotten a couple piercings by her now and she makes it a great experience. She will take the time to answer all your questions and explain the process too you. She is the best!

  4. Jessica avatar

    Jessica E.

    Jade is fantastic! She is very professional and made sure that I was comfortable. She answered all my questions and walked me through the process while being bery patient with me.

  5. Taylor avatar

    Taylor S.

    Jade was seriously amazing! I got my Dahlia pierced and she put all my worries to ease and it looks amazing I’ll definitely be back soon for more 😊

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