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Frankie 'Fresh' @ Logan Square Barbershop 2
2208 N Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago, 60647
11 reviews

Frankie 'Fresh' @ Logan Square Barbershop 2

2208 N Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago, 60647


    • "FRESH" CUT

      Including "FRESH" Razor Blade/Massage in the neck area & upper shoulder also included...with eyebrow trim and ...shape up(optional)
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    • "FRESH" CUT & Hot towel shave with face massage

      "FRESH" Steamed Towel with Hot Lathering with "FRESH" Razor Blade
    • Regular Shave

      Including "FRESH" Razor Blade with shaving gel
    • "FRESH" Hot towel shave

      Hot Towel is a "FRESH" steamed Towel with Hot Lathering
    • "FRESH" CUT and Regular Shave

      With a "FRESH" Razor Blade and shaving gel

      "FRESH" Cut with A HOT Towel Shave Including Facial Steamer/BEARD Line-up with Trim/Nose Trim/And eyebrow trim... including a facial Massage
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    • Lining only

      Trimmer with a "FRESH" Razor Blade
    • Lining & BEARD including BEARD trim with scissors

      With a "FRESH" Razor Blade
    • Beard trim

      Including a "FRESH" Razor Blade
    • Hair wash

      Wash hair with shampoo and 2nd rinse with conditioner to have a health hair benefits...
    • Eyebrows

      Shape up with Razor Blade and scissor trim
    • House Calls

      You are paying for my time, the time it takes to reach the destination & your convenience. Price increase is d...ictated on time of appointment, location & the number of services provided. This Service will also provided a massage from the neck area and upper shoulder...
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    Kyle D…

    Mar 20, 2021
    Frankie is an awesome barber. I'd been cutting my own hair during the pandemic, and it was great to finally get a cut from a pro like Frankie. Highly recommended! Great attention to detail!...

    Drew K…

    Mar 8, 2021
    Best part of my week is when Frankie cuts my hair. Great conversation. Great cut. Can’t find it anywhere else...
    Replied: Mar 8, 2021
    Frankie 'Fresh' @ Logan Square Barbershop 2
    I appreciate your friendship as a long term client....Im thankful for your trust.....and you seeing me evolve...We have great conversations....We share Experiences....and ideas....Thank you for booking for my "FRESH" Grooming Services....

    Abhitej B…

    Jan 23, 2021
    In the shop they are following social distancing and everyone is wearing masks and its pretty clean. Frankie sanitized all the equipments and chair before starting my haircut. He asked all the specifics and took enough time to get things done. I woul...d highly recommend Frankie
    Replied: Jan 23, 2021
    Frankie 'Fresh' @ Logan Square Barbershop 2
    I appreciate you booking my "FRESH" Services....I always do my best and forget the rest....the customer is my priority...

    Drew K…

    Jan 11, 2021
    Frankie fresh is a magician. Absolutely made it happen today. Absolute perfect cut. Frank’s patience is unmatched and his attention to detail is few and far between....
    Replied: Jan 11, 2021
    Frankie 'Fresh' @ Logan Square Barbershop 2
    I appreciate Drew for booking my Services and Trusting me....to execute a "FRESH" Cut/Beard Line-up

    Mike S…

    Jan 10, 2021
    For starters I want to let everyone know that I’m a very particular SOB when it comes to my haircut. I like my beard trimmed to a zero and blend it into a very low fade up the sides into my sideburns with a very natural razor lineup. Only a few barb...ers have ever mastered exactly how I like it and usually it takes them a few tries. However Frankie nailed it on the first shot! And it’s because he really took the time to communicate with me through out the haircut about exactly what I was going for. This is the kind of Barber who you want to be in the chair with. He is excellent in creating the vision for what you want. His goal was to make sure that I was 100% satisfied. And he achieved it. I would highly recommend his service. Also he’s a great conversationalist and takes a lot of pride in what he does you can just tell by the way he approaches every aspect of Customer Service. I’ll definitely be back.
    Replied: Jan 10, 2021
    Frankie 'Fresh' @ Logan Square Barbershop 2
    I really appreciate it Mike.....I love what I do and will always be a student to my craft...I appreciate you booking my "FRESH" Services....

    Lucas P…

    Jan 7, 2021
    I'd say it was a 10/10 service! The barbershop itself was very welcoming and I could only say the same about you. The cut itself was also very good. I would highly recommend you as a barber and I look foward to coming back....

    José L…

    Dec 10, 2020
    Book with Frankie! Gives you a fresh cut and a great conversation 👌🏽💯...
    Replied: Dec 10, 2020
    Frankie 'Fresh' @ Logan Square Barbershop 2
    I appreciate it for booking for my "FRESH" Services

    Skyler h…

    Nov 8, 2020
    It was a great cut! Frankie was very attentive and detail oriented to give me a fresh look...

    Drew K…

    Oct 27, 2020
    Frankie Fresh is the best barber I’ve ever had. His cuts are always perfect. He’s punctual and always had a great conversation while focusing on giving you the perfect cut. I don’t let anyone else cut my hair, only Frankie...
    Replied: Oct 27, 2020
    Frankie 'Fresh' @ Logan Square Barbershop 2
    I appreciate you as a Client....thank you for booking for my services

    Zach A…

    Dec 30, 2018
    Great conversation, even better haircut!...

    Jason M…

    Dec 30, 2018
    Took his time but did it right had me looking sharp!...