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Whether you’re thinking about getting your first piercing or are simply adding to your collection, Chicago, Illinois boasts many different tattoo shops and piercing parlors with experienced piercing technicians. Piercings can be a beautiful form of self-expression, a way to commemorate a memory, or a coming-of-age celebration. Along some pressure points, piercings are even said to have health benefits, such as relief from migraines, decreased anxiety, and increased focus. Your piercing will be with you for years to come—or until you remove it and let the hole close—so be sure to choose a Chicago piercing technician with plenty of experience, one who can ensure that everything goes right. Come pick out that perfect piece of jewelry. Is Piercing Safe? Piercing technicians at certified tattoo shops and piercing parlors have undergone training to perform piercings safely and minimize the risk of infection. Many people have allergies to different metals, so it is important to tell your technician about any allergies you may have. Hypoallergenic options are always available. Before and after each use, their piercing guns are sterilized to ensure absolutely cleanliness and customer safety. It is common practice for technicians to only pierce clients using jewelry purchased from their parlor, so they can be sure of the metal’s cleanliness and quality. Follow all aftercare directions provided by the technician. You will need to clean the area twice a day for at least 6 weeks with either soap and water or a saline solution. Technicians recommend leaving the original earring in for 2 months before you change ir or take it. If you experience an increase in swelling, drainage, pain, or warmth, go see your doctor. How Long Do Piercings Take? Piercings in Chicago usually take about 15 minutes each. How Much Do Piercings Cost in Chicago? In Chicago, piercings usually cost about $25 per piercing. Many body modification art shops charge a discounted rate for multiple piercings. Some parlors offer a bundle that includes the jewelry and the piercing for around $60. How to Find the Best Spot for a Piercing in Chicago Ready for your new piercing? Check out the listings above to find the best piercing shops in the Chicagoland area, or download Booksy’s free app to schedule your appointment today. Articles Nose Piercing Guide Ear Piercing Trends How To Take Care Of Your Body Piercing Thinking About Getting A Body Piercing?