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They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, so naturally, the brows must be the frames. Though just one of many aspects on the face and not always the main focal point, you’d be surprised at how drastically eyebrows can change up your entire look with just a simple treatment—and with Booksy, locating and scheduling an eyebrow service in Chicago just got a whole lot easier. The best health, beauty, and wellness booking platform is accessible to you, anytime, via app on your smartphone or through your web browser. Begin browsing through hundreds of services nearby, including brow treatments, and book with just the click of a button (or the tap of a finger). What types of eyebrow services are offered? Who doesn’t love beautiful brows? While the main goal of brow services is to enhance the look of your eyebrows, there are multiple different types of eyebrow treatments available, each with its own nuanced differences, so it can feel tricky when deciding which type of treatment is right for you—that’s why we’ve compiled an easy-to-read guide on some of the most popular brow services below so that you can choose your preferred type and use Booksy to schedule an appointment in a flash! WAXING Waxing is a quick and efficient way to remove any unwanted hairs and simultaneously shape the brows. Using a hot or cold wax, your technician will apply the wax to the areas surrounding the brows and swiftly pull it off in the direction opposite to the growth of the hair. How often you’ll have to wax your brows will depend on how fast your hair grows, however, waxing is typically favored for lasting longer than other brow hair removal methods, even up to 4 weeks. TRIMMING AND TWEEZING The most commonplace method of cleaning up and shaping the eyebrows, trimming and tweezing has stayed popular throughout the years. This treatment type for the brows not only allows for meticulous precision but it is also a great in-between step for when you’re halfway to your next waxing appointment.   THREADING Originating in Asia, threading has been an eyebrow treatment popular for centuries in the East before ever picking up traction in the West. This method of hair removal and shaping the brows involves the use of a cotton thread to remove several stray hairs by the root at once. TINTING Not a mechanism of removing the hairs, but rather of enhancing them, tinting can bring the brows to life and make them stand out by darkening them. For this procedure, a semi-permanent dye is painted across the brows, left to set, and then rinsed off resulting in a natural and bold look, and can even give the illusion of fuller brows. MICROBLADING All the rage in the last few years, microblading is a cosmetic brow tattooing procedure that gives the appearance of full, striking, and perfectly shaped brows. Using a highly specialized tattoo machine containing several tiny needles, the brows are filled in with individual strokes that mimic single eyebrow hairs. How much do eyebrow services cost? Because there are so many different types of eyebrow services available, each one will render its own specific cost. Costs of individual eyebrow services are determined based on location, length of the procedure, and the experience of your specialist—to check out pricing for each service, you can find the costs readily reflected next to each treatment on Booksy. How do I find salons that offer eyebrow services open now? Discover the best salons and spas that offer eyebrow treatments open now in Chicago. To start your search, you can begin by completing the three main fields in our search engine bar at the top of the page: what service you’re looking for, your current location, and the date and time that you’d like to schedule your appointment for. If you select the date and time most relevant to the current date and time, you’ll be able to browse results of eyebrow treatments available to book now. Or, if you’re not sure of when you’d like to book an appointment yet, you can also check out each merchant’s hours listed on their Booksy business pages. Articles Is Eyebrow Lamination Worth The Hype Henna For Eyelashes and Eyebrows The Rundown On Brow Threading The Best Ways To Get Long Lashes Eyebrow maintenance 101 Tips for Getting Thicker Brows Eyelash Loss: Is It A Serious Problem? 5 Reasons To Get Volume Lashes Right Now