Flipping with Jake

Flipping with Jake

I am the current tumbling coach at Styleshock Allstar Cheer in Sherwood, OR. I have been coaching tumbling and cheerleading for the last 7 years and what I offer is professional level tumbling, flexibility, and strength training Private Coaching so that you or your athlete can become the best that you can possibly be.

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Tumbling Private Coaching

In my lessons I work what they need to work on to progress in their tumbling and their athletic careers. (Example: If your child/athlete has a standing back handspring but cannot do connected back handsprings I will not work tucks or any other skills until they have perfected and showed complete mental and physical readiness for the next skill. Learning to tumbling takes a long time and is an extensive process if you’re looking to get a back handspring ASAP for your child/athlete for that competition this weekend, I am NOT the right coach for you.) I DO NOT RUSH SKILLS. I TAKE MY TIME TO TEACH.

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Flexibility Private Coaching

I will help your child/athlete to gain flexibility and a full range of motions to help preform and compete the skills needed for their sport.

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Strength Training Private Coaching

This Private Coaching is primarily for tumblers, gymnasts, and cheerleaders that are looking to help break through a plateau in their athletic career. CONDITIONING AND STRENGTH TRAINING ARE NECESSARY TO PROGRESS IN CHEER AND GYMNASTICS. Strength training and needs to be used as a tool to progress in sports not looked at as a punishment.

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  1. Emily avatar

    Emily B.

    My daughter has been taking tumbling classes with Coach Jacob for almost a year now. She started when she was 5 1/2 and he has done an amazing job working with her. She came to Jacob with no tumbling experience, or any of the basic strength training she needed to be able to tumble. Jacob took it back to the basics for Ellie and helped her build her strength and endurance so she could be successful for the long term!

  2. Stacey avatar

    Stacey M.

    My daughter had Jacob for group tumbling classes and opted to move to private lessons last month to work on getting her back handspring down. We both appreciate his focus on technique, constructive feedback and encouragement. She's on her way and enjoys learning from Jacob!

  3. Jennifer avatar

    Jennifer F.

    He’s great with Mia! Thank you Jacob!

  4. Rebecca avatar

    Rebecca K.

    Excellent job. Patient and encouraging!

  5. Joy avatar

    Joy J.

    Awesome! He was quick to assess their skill level and get to work! After one session they did gain a new skill! Good job!

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