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Semi-permanent color/ temporarily

Is less damaging to the hair because it coats the hair it last up to 12 washes..

1h $25.00 Book now

Demi hair coloring / permanent

You want to get rid of the grays you sit under the heat to open up the hair follicles lasts up to 12 -24 washes.

30m $99.00 Book now

Adults wash

Biolage shampoo and conditioner

30m $15.00 Book now

Adults & teens ,Lemonade braids

That hang time swinging from the side Depending on length, price may go up As well as time

2h 10m $90.00+ Book now

Adults, Deep treatment,slikpress

With natural hair, deep conditioner contains a mayonnaise avocado hair mask

1h $65.00 Book now

Kids wash

Shea moisturizer raw shea butter restorative conditioner and shampoo

30m $10.00 Book now

Kids wash/deep treatment/ silk press

Deep condition with Honey avocado and clip ends, depending on the length of child hair

30m $30.00+ Book now

Kids braids boys/girls without adding hair

30m $50.00+ Book now

Wave takout

30m $40.00 Book now


With or without using my hair Depending on length, price may go up As well as time

23h $250.00 Book now


Bundles or pack hair

1h 30m $130.00 Book now

Frontals/ closures weaves

2h 30m $150.00 Book now

Ponytails sewin

Bundles or packs Hair Prices go up if you're using my hair

30m $90.00 Book now

Kids box braids with hair

2h 45m $80.00 Book now

Men braids and treatment

Deep treatment contains avocado banana and coconut oil with clipped ends

1h 30m $60.00 Book now

Kids lemonade braids

2pks of kanekalon hair

2h $70.00 Book now

Toddler, lemonade braids

a clean finish with beautiful Decor beads

30m $55.00 Book now

Adult cornrows up dos into a ponytail

Nice petite up do Depending on length, price may go up As well as time

2h 30m $110.00 Book now

Todders/ kids cornrow updos

Toddler starts at $60, cut off age is 7yrs Kids cut off age for $80 prices 10yr . 2pks of kanekalon hair $4.99

3h 30m $80.00+ Book now
30m $60.00 Book now

Faux locks

Marley, kanekalon or human hair

2h 30m $170.00 Book now

Ghana cornrow 3-layer kids

Three layer cornrow decor with beautiful string or beading prices may go up depending on length and size 3pk of kanekalon, $4.99

3h 30m $75.00+ Book now

GHANA cornrows 3 - Layers adults /teens

A beautiful three layer cornrow which can also be decor with beads string or a braided design

4h 30m $150.00+ Book now

Crochet adults

For individual crochet prices will go up.. Whatever here you prefer

1h $85.00 Book now

Kids crochet

Its what ever hair you prefer

55m $70.00 Book now

Tribal braids

A beautiful tribal style that can decorate with beads, colored string ,Depending on size and length, price may go up As well as time.

3h 30m $110.00+ Book now

Box braids/twist retounch up

1h 30m $55.00+ Book now

Human hair box braids

The smaller, the Fuller , the longer the length prices will go up $20 more..

3h 30m $150.00+ Book now

Knotless box braids

The smaller, the Fuller, the longer length, prices will go up $ 40more.. 3pks of $4.99

4h 15m $140.00+ Book now

Kids knotless box braids

Small med boxes

3h $80.00 Book now

Woman / teen box braids

Prices change when length become longer and size become smaller 5pks of kanekalon hair $4.99

30m $99.00+ Book now

The ket braid for adult / teens

Two layer cornrow down with an updo cornrow into a bun or a pony also prices may change depending on the length and size 3pks of kanekalon hair $4.99

30m $130.00+ Book now

The ket braid kids

Two layer cornrow braided down with an cornrow updo into a bun or a ponytail 2pks of kanekalon hair $4.99

3h 30m $80.00 Book now

Senegalaes twists adults and teens

Depending on length and sizes prices can change can also be decorated with beautiful beads and string, if you are using Marley hair OK kanekalon hair. for jombo twist get 9 -12 pks

3h 30m $99.00+ Book now

Havana twist

Dependent on Len and sizes prices may go up can also decorate with beautiful string and beading 9pks small, 5pks big Marleyhair or kanekalon hair $4.99

30m $99.00+ Book now

Big Feeding cornrows

It's $10 per braid, please note how many cornrows you want so I can give you the proper pricing.. Kanekalon hair $4.99 pks

1h 55m $10.00+ Book now

Goddess braids

$10 / a braid depending on length and number of braids prices may go up kanekalon hair $4.99 pks

30m $10.00+ Book now

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Reviews (29)

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  1. Jodie avatar

    Jodie A.

    Mrs. Jones is literally the sweetest. She welcomed me into her home and did my hair beautifully. Definitely will be booking with her again

  2. Silvia avatar

    Silvia S.

    This was by far my best hair experience. Ebony is simply, amazing. She listened to what I wanted and then worked alway to create just that. Now my braids look like Zoe Kravitz, which is just what I wanted. My hair looks like it cost a million bucks and I can’t say enough about how wonderful the whole experience was. I could not recommend anyone more. I am recommending my sisters and teacher friends to Ebony and I will be going back. Thank you, Ebony!!!! You are amazing.

    QMLHAIR 07/06/2019

    Thank you so much Doll for considering me to give you your first hair experience with knotless braids I love my work I love what I do it's important to me to keep a positive vibe when being in someone's hair so I'm looking forward to seeing you again and I'm lost for words I appreciate all my clients all my qml dolls thank you💋

  3. Tamika avatar

    Tamika G.

    Ebony is so gifted, welcoming and humbling and a ball of great energy. I've gotten so many kinds and blushing compliments on my hair and I feel privileged to have my hair in her hands. She took her time, we talked, laughed, ate dinner and listened to some great tunes all whilst she did my hair. I am coming back for my touch-up and I am eager to refer people to get in her chair. Thank you Ebony. See you very soon!!

    QMLHAIR 06/16/2019

    awwwww, it was my pleasure , your energy was so amazing!!... I'm looking forward to doing this again with you chopping it up and do not forget to send me your hair product I am looking forward to using it and referring it to some of my clients💋

  4. Dian avatar

    Dian .

    Ebony is simply amazing and a kind and beautiful person inside and out! I had the pleasure of getting knotless box braids for the first time w/Ebony. My braids look so natural and amazing and I keep getting compliments. I appreciated her professionalism, passion for her craft, and her knowledge of natural hair and healthy hair care (she even makes her own natural hair products!). And I deeply appreciated the conversations we shared. It was a joy to spend time in her chair and company, and she’s definitely gained a new customer for life! (Thank you - and big hugs to you and the girls including Niko :))

    QMLHAIR 05/26/2019

    awwwww, im speechless for the first time ever, omg u, your spirit was so beautiful , it was my pleasure making sure i gave u the best of me , i really enjoy you, niko n the Girs💋 stay bless

  5. LaQuandra avatar

    LaQuandra G.

    Great service.

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