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Booksy is your best service to locate the best barbers in Arlington. Arlington is located in a large metropolitan center between Dallas and Fort Worth. Your choices of top barbershops in the area are boundless. A comprehensive search app like Booksy is essential for finding the best and nearest barber in Arlington. Book an appointment with a barbershop in Arlington The Booksy search engine locates for you the best barbershops and nearest barber in Arlington that suits your search profile has good customer reviews and is located near you. We will also report available prices. You can use a Booksy search on our webpage or download our free app. You can download our app from our website to your smartphone so you will have it wherever you are. Once you have selected the barbershop that is best for you, the Booksy app will make an appointment for you at the date and time you desire. What do barbers do? The barber profession has a fascinating history dating back to Eygpt. In medieval times barbers cut hair, trimmed beards, and performed dentistry, surgeries, and leeching (bloodletting). The barber pole colors purportedly were symbolic of the various medical procedures performed by barber-surgeons hankfully, barbers today are not licensed to practice medicine. They are, however, licensed by the state after graduating from a barber school. The typical curriculum of barber schools includes haircutting, coloring, and styling. Also, they teach safety and sanitation practices. It also includes some business aspects of owning and operating and barbershop. Some courses include introductory lessons in anatomy, physiology, bacteriology, and a little pharmacology which would appear to hearken back to medieval barber practices. In Arlington, Texas, in order to get a barber’s license, the candidate must pass a board exam administered by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation Barbershops in America eventually became small-town gathering places for men to get a haircut and trade local and farming news, sports, and gossip of the day. The barber was a principal town oracle and disseminator of news next to the local newspaper if they had one. While this is still the profile of small-town barbershops, it is a thing of the past in urban communities. Today, barbershops typically offer haircuts, hot straight razor shaves, and shampoos. Trendy barbershops offer head shaves and shape up (line up or edge up) hairstyles. As the shape up and other trendy haircuts became popular many urban barbershops again became venues for men to gather and talk about politics, sports, and gossip reminiscent of the old small-town shops. This urban shape up inspired shop is portrayed in the movie Barbershop released in 2002. Most barbershops sell grooming products. Many offer shoe shines and laundry service. Once, but seldom now, a barbershop will have a manicurist How to use Booksy to find the nearest barbershops in Arlington. Booksy has the best app for finding the top barbers in Arlington near you. When you launch our Booksy app, you will be asked to specify what your location will be when you start your search. You will then identify the services you are seeking (i.e. barbershops). Booksy will apply its numerous search filters to do the rest. You will want us to identify the top-rated barbers nearby in Arlington and list them according to distance from your search origination location. Booksy does that and more. We will also show you reviews from other customers of a particular barbershop. Delving further into the Booksy search report you will see much more information about each recommended barbershop. That will include services offered, prices, and other information about the shop. Booksy will disclose all of the information you need to decide on the best barbershops near you. What does a good barber charge? Our survey of barbershops posted by Booksy for Arlington showed the following representative prices: Child’s haircut…………………………..$25 Adult men haircut …….……………… $25 to $45 Shape up (line up or edge up)……..…$25 to $30 Haircut together with beard shaping....$35 to $45 Beard shaping alone…….……………$15 to $25 Shave……………………………………$20 Can Booksy find barbershops open now? The Booksy app filters your search with several options. It will sort its posted shops by those optional features. When you select a posted barbershop Booksy will show numerous features including their hours of operation when they are open for business. Find top rated barbers nearby. The Booksy search engine shows you a list of barbershops sorted by several optional filters. That includes the distance from your where you are starting your search. Arlington’s market is large so whatever filters you want us to employ must include the mileage to the best barbers in Arlington. Booksy will provide that for each barbershop posted for Arlington. Conclusion Check in with our Booksy app and we will find for you the barbershop in Arlington that is best for you. You can download our app from our website and search for whatever services you want in any city in the U.S. Articles Mens Fade Haircut Should I Get a Buzz Cut? Mens Curly Haircuts Best Mustache Styles Popular Mens Haircuts Beard trends