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Looking for an establishment where you can get a fresh haircut? What about some beard maintenance to keep your facial hair in check? Or perhaps a hot shave as a relaxing treatment that’ll give you a flawless finish? If you’re interested in something along the lines of these services, you’ll find these treatments (and more) at a barbershop. Browse your options of local businesses that center around health, beauty, or wellness and efficiently schedule appointments online via Booksy—we’ve changed the way bookings are done in the twenty-first century, giving you the easiest and fastest method of scheduling online. You can download the Booksy app for iOS or Android smartphones or go to on your laptop or desktop computer to search for and find a high-quality barbershop in San Francisco. What is a barbershop and what types of services are offered there? Hair salons are to women as barbershops are to men—basically, barbershops are establishments that focus on the health and appearance of the hair. They’re quite similar to hair salons in the types of treatments they provide, however, the main difference is that they cater their list of services primarily to male clients. Check out our guide beneath, featuring some of the most common services that you’ll be able to book at a barbershop near you. HAIRCUTS At every barbershop across the country as well as across the globe, you’ll be able to book a haircut service. Haircut services are what barbershops are known for and specialize in, and a skilled barber will be able to execute a number of different haircut styles like crew cuts, fades, quiffs, pompadours, faux hawks, buzz cuts, and more. BEARD SERVICES Like the hair of your head, your facial hair can require some special attention and upkeep as well. The beard service category can include treatments like beard trimming, beard shaping, or beard coloring that will keep your facial hair neatly groomed. COLORING SERVICES If you’re thinking about covering gray hairs, evening out varying color tones by dyeing your hair a uniform shade, or simply changing your hair color altogether, you’ll likely be interested in coloring services that can be found at your local barbershop. SHAVE SERVICES Many people remove facial hair on their own at home, but nothing truly compares to the invigorating experience of shave services. Hot towel shaves and similar shaving services not only provide a polished look, but also come with a variety of benefits like moisturizing the skin, boosting circulation, and promoting relaxation. MISCELLANEOUS SERVICES On top of the standard list of barbershop services, certain establishments also offer a selection of miscellaneous services that go beyond dealing with hair and beards. For example, you’ll sometimes see treatments like manicures, pedicures, massages, facials, or hair removal services included on some barbershop menus.  How do I choose the best barbershop in San Francisco?  Finding the best barbershop in San Francisco (or anywhere for that matter) is all about reading reliable and credible customer reviews. On Booksy, for each individual business listing, you’re able to read through trustworthy reviews and ratings that real users have left behind. In order to access reviews for listings in your area, you’ll need to fill out the three fields presented in the search bar. After you’ve done so, simply begin browsing—you can also use the “Sort by” button if you’d like to arrange your results. How much does an appointment at a barbershop cost? It totally depends on where you go and what service you’re booking! The typical services that are offered at barbershops can largely differ in pricing from one another. Likewise, a simple haircut at one salon near you can have an entirely different price than the barbershop next door. You can locate exact costs on Booksy by performing a search for barbershops in San Francisco. Barbershop near me Your new go-to neighborhood barbershop is only a few clicks away! Check out your options on Booksy by filling out the information in the search bar fields. Enter what you’re searching for (barbershop), where you are (San Francisco), and a suitable appointment time. After doing that, scroll through your choices or use the “Filters and Localization” button to see results for a certain zip code.   Articles Mens Fade Haircut Should I Get a Buzz Cut? Mens Curly Haircuts Best Mustache Styles Popular Mens Haircuts Beard trends