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Arguably, Las Vegas is one of the most renowned resort cities in the world. With casinos, hotels, and many other forms of entertainment, it’s no wonder tourists flood to this destination all year round. If you’re visiting one of the casinos, odds are you’re there on a special occasion. Maybe you forgot, or simply didn’t have the time, to visit your barber at home. And now you find yourself in dire need of a haircut or beard trim. But what barbershop in Las Vegas should you opt for? And how can you schedule an appointment at one? Fear not, Booksy has got you covered! How can I book an appointment online at a barbershop in Las Vegas? When you’re in The Entertainment Capital of the World you want to be able to focus on having fun. Tedious tasks, such as scheduling an appointment at a barbershop should be quick and easy. Lucky for you, with Booksy, they are! All you need to do is head over to the Booksy website or open the Booksy app. Type into the search bar the service you’re looking for and your location. Our search engine will go through our database and compile for you a list of barbershops in your area. Check out the list and pick one barbershop you like most. Go to their profile page and find on their service list the haircut or beard trim position. Hit the “Book” button and choose a time slot that’s convenient for you. Confirm, and that’s all! You’ve booked an appointment at a barbershop in Las Vegas! What services can I get at a barbershop in Las Vegas? Barbershops in Las Vegas offer a myriad of different services. However, the most common ones are those that take care of hair and facial hair. Those include haircuts, beard trims, shaves, and more. Most barbers cater not only to adult gentlemen, but also to youngsters, allowing you to come in for a visit with your little man. For those looking for something extra we recommend a facial, scalp massage, or eyebrow waxing. This is a great option in between taking advantage of local tourist attractions. Moreover, if time is of the essence, you can also schedule a mobile visit. What does that mean? Well, you can book an appointment where your barber will come to you, at your hotel. This way you won’t have to go back and forth to the barbershop. How do I choose the best barbershop in Las Vegas? Just like you do research about attractions or restaurants, with Booksy, you can do the same with barbershops. So how do you choose the best barbershop in Las Vegas exactly? Well, by going over to the results page. When browsing through the list you’ll see that each barbershop has a number and amount of ratings left. See, after a finished appointment each Booksy user gets the chance to leave the barbershop they visited a rating and write a review. You can check out what previous clients wrote in the “Reviews” section on the barbershops profile page. This way you can make sure that you’re choosing the right barbershop for you! How much do services at a barbershop in Las Vegas cost? As prices for services vary from casino to casino, or hotel to hotel, so they do when it comes to barbershops. The location of the barbershop, the experience of the barber, the products used, or even the popularity of the establishment influence the costs. That being said, you can expect a haircut to cost anywhere from $35 to $55, while a bear trim will be priced at something around $25. Fortunately, with Booksy, you don’t have to stress about not knowing the price. When you schedule your appointment, you’ll always see the cost of the service, next to the “Book” button. How do I find a barbershop near me? When you’re in a city that you’re just visiting, there is a strong chance that you don’t know where things are, or where are local barbershops. However, instead of typing “barbershop near me” into your web browser, head straight over to Booksy’s results page. There you’ll see a button labeled “Map View.” Once you hit that button, the map of Las Vegas will appear. On that map you’ll see the exact location of each of the listed barbershops. Now you can choose the one that’s closest to where you are staying!   Articles Mens Fade Haircut Should I Get a Buzz Cut? Mens Curly Haircuts Best Mustache Styles Popular Mens Haircuts Beard trends