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Body Piercing in Tampa

Think body piercing is a most recent phenomenon taken up by rebellious kids at the local mall? Think again. Body piercing has been around for centuries, with the oldest ear piercing found in a frozen body in an Austrian Glacier from over 5,000 years ago. People have embellished all parts of their bodies with jewelry almost since the beginning of time and, yes, extending to the Claire’s boutiques of today.

What is Body Piercing?

Body piercing is a form of body modification by puncturing or cutting a part of the body and creating an opening into which jewelry is put. Ear and nose piercings are the most widespread, however many receive piercings in their belly buttons, nipples, and, yes, genitals.

How Long Does Body Piercing Take to Get Done?

The time for the process depends upon where you’re planning on getting it done, however most piercings take little time, maybe 20-25 minutes maximum.

How Long Does Body Piercing Last?

The body piercing lasts as long as there is healthy upkeep and jewelry is kept in the piercing to keep it intact.

How Much Does Body Piercing Cost in Tampa?

The price depends on the body part and area you decide to get pierced, but typically ranges between $25-$70.

Where to Get Body Piercing in Tampa?

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