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City life is bound to get exhausting, and while we may feel the mental effects of exhaustion, we often feel the physical effects as well, particularly on our feet. After all, the feet do carry the weight of the entire body. And with the amount of walking you’ll do across the five boroughs as both a local or a tourist, it’s especially important to give your feet the adequate regeneration they’ll need by booking a foot massage in New York City. When it comes to booking a foot massage in The Big Apple, there are many options of massage parlors you can visit. But if you want to avoid the wearisome tasks of spending hours on search engines, then phoning massage studios to book an appointment, you’ll definitely want to turn to Booksy. Simplify your life and the way you schedule appointments by downloading the Booksy app to your Android or iOS smartphone. What is a foot massage and how does it work? Much like a standard, full-body massage, the foot massage involves the stimulation and manipulation of the muscles, except in the feet. Foot massages are a great option when it comes to fighting the symptoms of tired and achy feet—but apart from leaving your toes feeling refreshed, they also come with a number of health benefits. Foot massages can help combat foot pain and reduce any existing tension. But besides that, a foot massage can help improve blood circulation, which is particularly beneficial to those with circulatory problems due to nerve damage or diabetes. Likewise, a foot massage can be an overall relaxing experience that promotes a better sense of wellbeing, even helping with sleep regulation and mental destressing. Getting a foot massage treatment is generally a safe practice for most people to partake in. However, before booking a foot massage, check your feet for cuts, open wounds, or conditions like athlete’s foot—in these cases, getting a foot massage should be avoided. If you have any preexisting foot conditions, you should consult with your physician before getting a foot massage as certain conditions may cause the feet to become more sensitive to pressure.  How do I choose the best foot massage treatment in New York City?  Finding the best self-care services for the entire body is important—and this includes the feet. To find the best businesses that offer foot massage treatments in New York City, just launch your Booksy mobile application to get started. In the search bar located at the top of the page, input your personal information into the available fields. Once your results have been generated, take a look at your options and be sure to read the reviews to help guide you in selecting the right choice. You can always also click the “Sort by” button, which is a helpful feature we’ve designed to immediately showcase the top businesses in your area. How do I find businesses that offer foot massages open now? Luckily for you, NYC seldom sleeps, so you’ll likely be able to find massage studios that offer foot massage in New York City at whatever hour is most convenient for you. By using the Booksy search engine, you can instantly check your available choices at any time of day or night. Simply input what service you’re looking to schedule an appointment for and where you are located—then, in the final search field, select a timeframe that is closest to the current date and time. This easy trick will instruct our search engine to show you the results of currently open businesses that provide foot massages. If you’d like to see a different array of options, just go back to the search bar and select a different appointment time slot. Foot massage near me Besides helping you select the best foot massage treatment in New York City and showing you options of currently open businesses, Booksy can even help you in finding nearby massage studios. To do this, you’ll want to go back into the search bar and complete the fields with the required information. Note: in the second field, set your current location! Doing this will ensure you get the most accurate results of listings. That’s it—you can now browse through a collection of businesses that offer foot massages near you. But if you need some extra assistance, feel free to use the “Map View” and “Filters and Localization” buttons.