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Head massage in New York City

Massage is an ancient therapeutic practice that has been around for thousands of years. But if you thought massage ended with the body, think again—there’s also the invigorating treatment of a head massage. Usually, when you think of a head massage, what comes to mind might be one that’s included with your standard salon wash service, but it can actually be booked solo as an alternative medicine treatment. So where to book? Just use the top appointment scheduling application on the market—which is Booksy, to set up an appointment for a head massage in New York City. What is a head massage and how does it work? Head massage is much like what it sounds to be, essentially it is a form of massage that is performed on the head, neck, face, and shoulders. This practice also includes variations such as the “Indian head massage” as well as “champissage”. But it’s not a new idea—the head massage has existed since around 600 BC. The original idea of it was created by women, who were massaging various types of oils into their heads to keep their hair in good health. But these days, oils aren’t used during every head massage session—however, they’re sometimes offered as a part of the service, depending on what exact type of head massage treatment you choose. The main focus of a head massage treatment is to release tension and stress within the head and neck zones, but they also come with a number of additional benefits. Head massages are often targeted to relieve migraine and headache pains, likewise, they also reduce stress and promote relaxation through an overall calming experience. But tying it back to its ancient purpose of keeping the hair healthy, it’s still used for that too. In fact, studies have reported that regular head massages could aid in improving hair thickness. What can you expect from a professional head massage? Head massages are a wonderful, soothing experience where you’ll be able to unwind and destress. A professional masseur will know the right techniques and strokes to implement and where to apply them focusing on the areas of the head, neck, and shoulders.  How do I choose the best head massage treatment in New York City?  Whether you’re not familiar with The Big Apple or you’re a local overwhelmed with your amount of options in the city, Booksy can help you explore the best businesses for head massage treatments in New York City. The way to do it is by opening the Booksy app on your smartphone and heading over to the Booksy search bar. Using your information related to the search, fill in the search fields and watch as your results appear. To locate the best of the best, check in on some of the business reviews left by other Booksy clients. This is the best way of finding a perfect match for yourself! Otherwise, you can also use the “Sort by” button, where you can choose between selecting “Top Reviewed” or “Recommended by Booksy” to arrange your listings. How much does a head massage cost? Just like a standard body massage, the cost of a head massage will depend on a few different things such as where you are located and the establishment you choose to book an appointment to. Likewise, much of the price will be dependent on how long your massage session lasts. On average, in the United States, a head massage costs somewhere around fifty to eighty dollars for an hour-long session. But you can always get access to exact pricing, by viewing your options for head massage in New York City on Booksy. Head massage near me Everything’s relatively close by in NYC, but you can discover the closest options to you using Booksy. On the app or using your preferred web browser, start by inputting your search criteria into our search bar. The only three bits of information you need to add are: what service you’d like to book (head massage), where you’re located (New York City), and a time and date that works best for your appointment. After that, just browse and book. For more specified results, feel free to use the “Filters and Localization” tool and the “Map View” feature.   Articles What is a shiatsu massage Health benefits of back massage 4 relaxing massages The benefits of acupressure What Is Reiki Healing?